10 Early Secrets In Dark Souls III

10 Early Secrets In Dark Souls III

I’ve written about Australian Dark Souls expert VaatiVidya so many times on Kotaku that I’ve ran out of ways to say how great he is.

So just take it as gospel: he is awesome. He’s very good at what he does.

What does he do? Unlocks the many secrets of Dark Souls games.

This video is dedicated to 10 super interesting early game secrets in Dark Souls III, so I figure the time is right to unleash it, considering a large number of you are probably close to the end.

But even if you’re not close to the end, there’s no real spoilers in this video — it’s mainly made up of unique cool shit that you most likely missed out on if you sped through the opening 10 hours of Dark Souls III like I did.


  • I’m only 5 or 6 hours in, and I saw that jump shortcut (#3) from a message on the ground. Tried a few times, assumed I was being trolled and moved on. Might have to go back for a look.

  • FromSoftware should make Vattividya an optional boss in one their games as a little Easter egg of some sort.

  • For those that can’t be bothered watching a video/can’t;

    1. Pickle-Pee and Pump-a-Rum, the Dark Souls 3 equivelent of Snuggly the Crow, can be accessed in the rafters of Firelink Shrine, or on top of the roof.
    2. Estus Shard and illusionary wall in the rafters of Firelink Shrine which gives the Silver Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (more souls).
    3. You can jump up the tree near the tower entrace to get to the Firelink Shrine roof without the Tower key
    4. Kill Emma to make it further into Upper Lothric Castle early.
    5. Jump into cage on the back of the passive saw carrying enemy to join the Mound Maker in the Undead Settlement.
    6. White Birch Tree Branch stops the giant from shooting you in the Undead Settlement.
    7. A bunch of enemies are really weak to fire (dogs, maggot-monsters). Torch is useful for this, especially getting rid of bleed maggots.
    8. Farron Swamp contains a set of three mini-Cleric Beasts that when killed drop Pharris’ gear (Black Bow and Cap).
    9. In the Crucifixion Woods you get your first NPC invasion by Yellowfingers if Embered. Make sure you’re embered in all enemies at least once in all areas.
    10. NPC Drops – I can’t be bothered transcribing all that text, watch the video. But basically a lot of NPC’s will drop weapons or armor on death. Most NPC’s, when killed, will also drop their ash which can be given to the Handmaiden at the shrine to access their items.
    Bonus – There’s a friendly NPC which appears in the Undead Settlement that gives a hint to join the Mound Makers, he’s insane.

    • Thanks you 😉

      Knew most, few interesting ones though! didn’t know about the illusionary wall in firelink or accessing the roof without the tower key :O

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