15 New Things You Need To Know About Dark Souls III

If it wasn't for VaatiVidya you'd be able to write everything I know about the plot of Dark Souls on one single post-it note.

This man is the Cliff Notes of Dark Souls and he's back again with a really, super helpful list of new mechanics in Dark Souls III. Stuff that will genuinely enhance your playthrough of the game. I highly recommend watching this.

There's a lot of interesting stuff in here that you'd be hard pushed to ever discover by yourself, so even if you're spoiler averse I'd give it a look.



    ummm wow - I might watch this again when I've experienced a bit more of Lothric... 5 hours in and I've looped back to where I started, now I do know where i need to go but shit damn it's going to take me a while lol

    I had to stop the video as it was getting a bit too spoilery but I will check it out after I have spent more time in the game.

    how about that fucking impossible to kill stupid fucking tree motherfucker? yeah fuck that guy

      strangely the tree was probably the easiest boss for me to kill so far, only one attempt on it and it died.


      go for the white egg growth things, he's covered in them.

    Summons really help.

    If you want to run solo try long-ranged attacks like arrows or spells, then go nuts and aim for it's balls.

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