17 Minutes Of Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is sneaking up on us. It comes out on May 24 and I feel like we're too busy playing Dark Souls III and thinking about Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to notice.

Here's 17 minutes of gameplay to remind you that this game exists.

It's looking great. I'll be turning off the obnoxious GPS thing that shows you where to run/jump/climb etc.

In general it looks like the format of Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a little more open. It's more of an open world game which I'm pretty hyped about. I love the aesthetic of Mirror's Edge and the GoPro style of movement. Can't wait to play the final game.


    Just wow. They NAILED the look/feel/sound of the original.

    Also FYI Mark the game design term for that is breadcrumbs. :)

    I havnt seen too much media on this, but it looks just as pretty as the old one and I think thats the problem why im not super hyped on this.
    It looks too much like the old one, awkward snapping to objects, same previously pretty graphics and bland white city as before.

    I hope they do something new for this otherwise it has the chances of just being mirrors edge 1.2 not 2.0

      The cityscape is a night-and-day comparison between the first and second games. The stuff they have done with the lighting alone is borderline unbelievable. The sky and clouds, time of day, subsurface scattering etc are miles beyond anything in the first game. The only resemblance is that basic 'clean' and 'vivid' landscape.

      The game play has also evolved a bit. No guns for Faith! Open world! Different types of 'mission'. The basic parkour is going to be similar but more nuanced, with 3rd-person cutaways for combat finishers.

      ***Early-game spoiler*** My only 'concern' is that the story has been ret-conned from the first game, including killing off Faith's father, probable removal of Merc (best big bro ever) and question mark over Faith's sister Kate. All the while adding in token people of colour...

    Looks good, but the combat looks a bit clunky. That was always the weakest part of the first game.

      I think combat is meant to feel clunky to encourage players to do more 'drive-by' combat rather than get bogged down in static exchanges.

        I hope you're right, because I think that's a good way to describe the admittedly brief encounter featured in the video, it felt like she was bogged down. But that could also just be the person playing it not being used to the combat system yet.

        Last edited 15/04/16 12:10 pm

          I think she was just cornered. The second encounter (gunman) was a little better. Apparently at higher speeds you'll be able to both avoid bullets altogether and do awesome takedown moves without breaking momentum.

          It certainly looked like the player could have just run straight for the door rather than trying to take on those two guards. So I'm inclined to think the person playing was not as experienced, or had been instructed specifically to show some combat there.

    What's with the weird not-roll where it looks like she just falls on her ass and keeps going?

      I did get the feeling from this vid that whoever was playing wasn't all that good, that said I did skip most of it so maybe I just saw the fall-on-your-arse and get-your-arse-handed-to-you-by-guards bits.

    What's with the weird not-roll where it looks like she just falls on her ass and keeps going?

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