A 360 Degree Look At Crytek's New Rock Climbing Game

Hi my name is Mark Serrels and I live for two things. Video games and rock climbing.

Also my wife and children, but mostly the climbing and the video games.

The Climb, an upcoming VR game made by Crytek, is attempting to combine my two great loves. And they want to do it in virtual reality.

Oh my god oh my god.

We've already discussed The Climb but Crytek's latest trailer for the game is different. It's one of those fancy 360 degree YouTube videos that allows you to see everywhere. It is very cool indeed.

I am excited about The Climb and I can't wait to play it. I'm under no illusions that it will full replicate the experience of climbing — I doubt any game ever could — but The Climb looks like it's making a decent go of creating a rock climbing simulator, and I've been wanting to play a game like that for years.

For now, just enjoy these videos. This game is looking fantastic.


    I hope this is coming sooner rather than later, from memory it's still just "April". Can't wait, even if the gameplay sucks it'll be great to just look around.

    Do you have a Rift on order, Mark?

    Sorry where is the 360 video?!

      nvm - i clicked the bottom one - didnt realise top was video as well!

    It'll take time and hardware revisions but I think exercise and exercise related VR/hololens/augmented reality applications will be huge.

    Imagine wearing some sort of VR/Augmented device whilst doing an indoor climb which gives you the appearance you're climbing different terrains (grand canyon, pyramids, buildings, mountains, waterfalls, bridges, monuments, abandoned warehouses etc etc).

    I think something that's more realistic which will come sooner than later will be full VR cycling. It's a stationary exercise. With some basic controls on the bike to turn (or if you're fancy and have a stationary bike that can lean). There's no reason they can't drop you into a world for cycling which pushes feedback to the bike for resistance up hills. Heck, even something as cheap as cycling around a GTA map would be cool.... but yes, if I had the freedom to cycle freely around foreign cities, that would be truly amazing.

      I think it'll work along similar lines to how the Wii incorporated exercise. Obviously not exactly the same, but the Wii made exercise a more integral part of the gaming experience, varying by degrees.

      VR has that same potential, if they can get into the common home in the same way.

        Oh yeah this game will just be a more immersive version of a wii/kinect game. Similar controls but just more visually immersive. It would be cool if you got some rumble/haptic feedback when pulling on the rocks for the climb.

        I was mainly saying that I think the fitness industry will be a goldmine for VR/augmented reality when the hardware can be seamlessly integrated. If you can do anything to make fitness/health a fun and immersive experience then it will sell like hotcakes.

          Yeah, I was agreeing, it just didnt come out right :)

          VR opens up plenty of possibilities, not the least of which is health. I was more thinking that the closest we've gotten is stuff using the wiimote, and if people go into VR with the same thinking, it can explode.

          Imagine being able to put on your Occulus, and think "lets boxercise against Mike Tyson today"!

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