A Good Look At All The Dead People Who May Be Harassing Spider-Man Soon

A Good Look At All The Dead People Who May Be Harassing Spider-Man Soon

Peter Parker has lost many people over the years, friend and foe alike. So many, in fact, that Marvel’s next Spider-comic event is based around them in a series titled “Dead No More”.

Over the past few weeks, Marvel has slowly been releasing slices of a huge piece of promo art by Alexander Lozano, with each reveal teasing a potential dead person from Spider-Man’s past who could come back to life for good or ill. It culminated today with a piece revealing Doctor Otto Octavius at the centre of it.

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Octavius (or Doc Ock to his friends/enemies) has been dead for a while in the comics, after a brief stint of his mind taking over Peter Parker’s body, and briefly becoming the Superior Spider-Man. Marvel have been teasing the fact that Ock may have survived Peter getting his body back (comiiiiiiiiiic booooooks), but it’s pretty clear that Doc Ock will shortly be back in action.

It’s not just Octavius making a return in the teaser art. To the far left, there’s Uncle Ben, one of the most consistently dead people in the entire comic book medium, as well as Captain Stacey, and other past allies from Spider-Man’s career. Ock is joined by Rhino — who died and then got revived for the “All-New, All-Different” reboot last year — and other Spidey villains like the Lizard and Electro. Even Gwen Stacy makes an appearance, clad in the same outfit she infamously perished in way back in 1973 (that’s her on the far right). Like I said, lots of dead people in Peter Parker’s past.

We still don’t know too much about “Dead No More”, despite all the teasers, but we do know at least one character is getting resurrected in a special “Dead No More” issue being released on Free Comic Book Day, May 7. The main “Dead No More” story arc begins this spring, and based on the art above, it seems likely that there will be a few more characters returning from beyond the grave to complicate Spidey’s life. Huzzah for the less-than-intransigent nature of comic book death!



  • Doc Ock “survived” the multiverse being destroyed (even though he was dead at the time)?

    Is the world of the dead not part of the multiverse?

    • His consciousness appears to be contained within a robot called Living Brain that is being used at Parker Industries. Nobody seems aware that he’s there currently.

      Plus, very little changed from the multiverse being destroyed. Some characters were put out to pasture (half of the Fantastic Four are off having off-comic adventures), but most characters returned to the status quo that the comics had before the event, with a couple just getting time skips (Peter Parker has now turned Parker Industries into a global company, for example). It was really just a cheap way to pull Miles Morales over from Ultimate canon (although in its defence, some of the books that were around during Secret Wars were really good).

  • i see the prowler there on the right too. i never knew mucha bout him, but i used to own a Prowler action figure.

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