A Racing Game Where Someone Else Builds The Road You're Driving On

A Racing Game Where Someone Else Builds The Road You're Driving On

Can't Drive This is a multiplayer driving game where one player putters along in their car while the other furiously scrambles to finish the road their arch-frenemy is driving on. In real time. Those are some grade-A ingredients for a batch of chaos-and-yelling soup. Here's the game's Steam Greenlight description:

Drive your Big Rig WHILE your friend builds the road in front of you! Oh, and don't drive less than 20mph OR YOU'LL EXPLODE! Like in that Sandra Bullock movie, in which she kinda does the same thing, but on a bus. Also, she doesn't explode (Spoiler alert). Too easy? Swap your Rig for a dune buggy!

And here's what it looks like:

The driving strikes me as kinda clunky, but I get the impression that it's at least partially by design. It's tough to tell, however, whether that will make it fun, infuriating or a little of both.

Apparently Can't Drive This is finished, so assuming it doesn't hit a patch of missing road and fall into an endless abyss on Greenlight, it should be out relatively soon.


    Looks like early alpha rather than a finished product....

    Was hoping for something a bit more frantic like the train scene from Wallace & Gromit!

    This would make a hectic Nintendo WiiU version of Mario Kart... Have one person getting fed pieces on the fly, or even drawing out the map in advance and then everyone else has to race on it. Could be awesome :D....

    How does it play? I'm reading it as a head to head game, driver v constructor. You catch the builder, you win. They complete the track, they win.

    That about it, or is it more?

    Ha, that sounds great. And totally reeks of game jam :P

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