A Steam Game About Dating Older Men

A Steam Game About Dating Older Men

These days, Steam is a boundless ocean of visual novels, with dating sims as far as the anime eye can see. In most of them, you're a guy (or occasionally gal) romancing strapping young lads/ladies/pigeons. Not so in Pub Encounter. Pub Encounter does something that many visual novels on Steam — and games in general, really — seem hesitant to do: it puts the focus on older people. You're a woman winds up at a bar frequented by "high-class older men" after a shitty day at work. The game's a dating sim, so you probably have an idea of what comes next (hint: a lot of dialogue, tense moments of almost kissing, Dark Pasts, eventual sexytimes).

Admittedly, it still seems very much in the typical Otome dating sim mould, but it's interesting nonetheless. Video games are often aimed at younger people, so their casts tend to embody youth or young adulthood. At best, we get the odd parent main character here and there (think BioShock 2, The Last of Us, The Witcher 3 and so on) or the wizened older character who's probably gonna die in a pivotal moment of heroic sacrifice. However, as gaming audiences and game creators have aged, that's begun to change.

Now then, when can I date older pigeons?


    damn =( I haven't really played a dating sim but mainly because it's so hard to find male/male one's.
    this is really cool though =)

    A Steam Game About Dating Older Men

    So, it's a mail-order-bride simulator?

    So is it about older men hooking up with young women? If so, does the game really deserve a write up as if it's something progressive rather than completely toeing the line in terms of social expectations of older single men who pick up in bars?

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