After Seven Years, Homestuck Comes To An End

After Seven Years, Homestuck Comes To An End

Homestuck, an interactive comic that spawned a massive, dedicated fan-base, came to an end yesterday after seven years.

You can watch the last animated episode of Andrew Hussie’s sprawling series right here (h/t Elanor):

It’s a fitting end-date for the longrunning project — Homestuck first launched on 13 April 2009. Since it went live, the comic has ballooned to over 800,000 words worth of strips, animated GIFs, IMs, online games and videos. (If you’re curious to check it out, you can start Homestuck here, although be warned: it’s overwhelming.)

Hussie has said he plans to eventually publish an epilogue.


      • Stories: you either read/watch/hear/play them from the start, or you’re deeply confused 😛

        Homestuck was a fun seven year ride while it lasted.

  • MS Paint Adventures was one of the greatest websites I ever stumbled across. I still have a framed Problem Sleuth print hanging in my office.

    • I’ve got the 5 Problem Sleuth books, love em to bits.

      Homestuck just seems too massive, too complex to have my interest in the books. Not to mention that there must be 30 odd to have everything.

  • I discovered Homestuck back when I was still frequenting DeviantArt (Where I found out about most of these things) and got up to Chapter 6 or so before the amount of effort required to keep up with all the mini-games, media, chat logs and other components meant other priorities slowly pushed it out of my routine. I’ve always been meaning to pick it up again so now it’s a finite amount of content I think it’ll be less of a cognitive tidal wave to face.

  • Glad he is doing an epilogue I have followed Homestuck from the start and still have no idea what the fuck I just watched.

  • It seems particularly stupid to have this article the way it is.
    “A long run, incredibly complex comic whose word count has been compared to Ulysses, has just ended. Have THE FINAL 9 MINUTES OF 7 YEARS OF WORK.”
    To what end?

  • I lost interest in Homestuck after a while. Problem Sleuth was by far my favourite.

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