Aldi Is Now In The Xbox Business

Aldi Is Now In The Xbox Business

Anyone want an Xbox 360 for $99.99?

I love Aldi. I love the random things you can just buy there for one week and then it’s gone forever. My sister-in-law bought a massive goddamn trampoline from Aldi. For like $150 bucks. I bought some therobands for $10 each. One time they were selling Chobani for super cheap and it was a real good time for people who like Yogurt.

Right now Aldi is a good time for people who want to buy an Xbox 360 for some reason. But maybe you do? Do I look like a mind reader?

$99.99. That’s a pretty goddamn good deal. If you still want an Xbox 360. Which you probably don’t.

But there are some good reasons to buy this.

— Xbox 360 has a killer back catalogue — Good for Netflix — Peggle is awesome — Mother’s day gift — Maybe you need a new controller?

The above photo was taken by Ozbargain user rodripa at Waverley Gardens Aldi in Victoria, but he’s confirmed they’re in a couple of other stores in the state. Most likely a bunch of Aldi stores throughout Australia will also have them at the same price, most likely for an extremely limited time.

Some people have reported that some Aldi stores are selling them for $169. Boo to these stores.

Yay to the stores selling them at $99.99.


  • Man, Mark you are seriously late to the party. Aldi has had this deal going on since last year. Aldi in Shellharbour had this same bundle at the same price back before christmas (earlier december is when I spotted it in the store).

    I also vaguely remember seeing this bundle on sale in the catalogue some time last year.
    Aldi also sells some 360 games, 3DS games and Wii U when they get stock in. Just varies store to store.

  • The more sorts of stores selling games and consoles is great for competitive reasons, and we end up benefiting.

    I just have one question.

    What the hell is Aldi?

    • What state do you live in? They’re a supermarket type store that also branches out into general goods and some consumer electronics. They started their Australian stores in the Eastern states and are slowly moving west. They opened something like 9 stores in SA on the same day this year and are currently building more.

      Not sure if they’ve started in WA or NT yet.

      • I work at the brisbane distribution centre and we recently had some staff train for the WA DC which opened about a week ago

  • Damn that’s pretty awesome, I’ve got an xbone and a 360 but still tempted by this!

  • I might buy one to play fable 2. Being a pc/PlayStation guy I played fable 1&3 but missed out on 2. If I can think of a few other esclusives to play it might be worth picking up…….I’ve never played a halo.

  • Just sold my day 1 Xbox 360 (very first one with no HDMI port… and had been repaired for RROD) with a very used controller and 5 games for $60… maybe the guy should have got this one instead?

    • I just sold a 360 Arcade on its own for $80 about 3 months ago on ebay. That guy didn’t get the best deal.

  • I might need to get a new 360 is my current one doesn’t wake up from its red ring coma.
    Come on buddy, you just need to rest up 🙁

  • Never play my current 360 anymore, why would I want a new one.

    If it was a PS4, Xbone or Wii U at that price then I’d be tempted.

  • still to overpriced for what is essentially a shell of a console and a mobile game.
    Gumtree has better deals.

  • Man if they were selling controllers I’d by down there in a flash – every one of my 360 controllers is borked in some way

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