All Dick Smith Stores Will Close By May 3

All Dick Smith Stores Will Close By May 3

Dick Smith stores around Australia are in their final death throes, selling off everything before they close their doors for good. We now know exactly when every Dick Smith store will close, and the final store closes its doors on May 3.

Following the announcement of closure dates for 35 Dick Smith stores, Dick Smith’s administrators Ferrier Hodgson today told shareholders and creditors that the remaining 195 stores around Australia will be closed progressively between April 27 and May 3.

First reported by Business Insider, some stores closed over the weekend and the next round of shut-downs will begin this coming weekend, and will continue until May 3 when all stores around Australia will have closed.

All staff have been notified of their stores’ closing dates. Those Australian staff, too, will have their employee entitlements paid in full, as they rank above other creditors in priority. New Zealand staff will have entitlements paid out to a maximum of $NZ22,160 as covered by the country’s statutory laws.

Ferrier Hodgson administrators, in a statement, said that this process should not take longer than another month: “It is anticipated that the payment of employee entitlements including annual and long service leave should be completed by mid-June 2016.”

Here’s when the Dick Smith stores will close:

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  • Hopefully something useful will open where my local store is. Probably just another women’s clothing store though.

    • The “Move” store (a nother chain owned y dick smith) finished clothing down and a women’s clothing stored opened up in the same spot 3 days later.

      • We already have way to many of them in my local shopping centre. Although I don’t really visit much there besides Big W, Woolworths ane EB. And Kmart when with the wife sometimes although I hate the store.

  • I know old employees from at least 5 of those stores. A whole bunch of us got out last year (we knew it was coming), but I’m sad to hear some people will go down with the ship.

  • I got some ‘cheap’ HDMI cables from the sales. Farewell Dick Smith. You came in handy for a handful of purchases over the years.

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