An Official Jay And Silent Bob Beat-‘Em-Up Game Just Got Funded

Hey, I like Clerks and Mall Rats as much as the next person, but a game based on Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob characters? That, I’m not so sure on. Not that my opinion really matters, because as of yesterday, such a thing is happening.

Over on Fig — yes, the same crowdfunding platform where Psychonauts 2 was resurrected by Double Fine — Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch hit its funding target on 1 April (of all days).

By the looks of the final tally though, it almost didn’t get funded, nabbing $US$445,467 of its $US400,000 “with hours to spare”.

The game itself looks like a Double Dragon clone, featuring Jay, Silent Bob and various characters from Smith’s “Askew-niverse”.

Here’s the short description from developer Interabang Entertainment:

With the help of Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and the SmodCo team, we bring you the appropriately named, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. Pushing the boundaries of humor and stories portrayed in games, we are co-designing an experience that weaves together the tone and wittiness of Kevin’s movies with fast-paced combat.

Kevin and Jason will contribute voiceovers and storyline feedback for continuity and dynamic gameplay. We will work with many talented folks who have taken part in other Kevin Smith classics such as Chasing Amy and Mallrats in order to keep the worlds consistent and true to the View Askew-niverse.

The initial plan is a release on PC, followed by the “possibilities” of the two major consoles. I’ll reiterate — I’m not so sure how this one will go. One for the fans, I suppose.

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch []

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