And Now, Godzilla Versus Evangelion

And Now, Godzilla Versus Evangelion
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I’m rather reluctant to call this an April Fools joke.

Usually, Japanese companies are super incredibly clear about labelling stuff as an April 1 gag. This hit earlier today (still April Fools in Japan), appearing on the official Evangelion site as the “most maximum collaboration of 2016”. So, that’s what it is, really. A tie-up between two different properties, which happens all the time in Japan and elsewhere.

(Image: Shin-Godzilla)

[Image: Shin-Godzilla]

The subsite on the official page for the upcoming Shin Godzilla movie even has Evangelion x Godzilla goods for sale, which will be out starting later this month and continuing through June. So yeah, that’s long after April Fools’ Day is over, and this is way too normal to be a joke.

The lead art is done by veteran animator and character designer Mahiro Maeda, who is currently working on the new Godzilla film. Among his many illustrious credits, he cut his teeth working on classic anime like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Know who else worked on that? Shin Godzilla director Hideaki Anno, who is probably best known as Evangelion‘s creator.

See? The tie-up all makes sense, and this is more fan service than April Fools.

[Image: Shin-Godzilla]


    • How does one ‘rip off’ a news report, exactly? That’s the whole point of news, to report something that happened.

      • By ripoff I mean they’ve taken other people’s work, changed the words around, and put it up as their own. If you read both articles you’ll understand what I mean. It happens a lot in journalism in general, not just here. They couldn’t even resist paraphrasing the crunchyroll article title.

        • I think you’re grasping at straws. I’ve read the Crunchyroll article, the only similarity is they both said it’s more than just an April Fools joke. Considering that’s true and a very common way to state that fact, there’s no connection there. As for the rest of the phrasing, this article’s content is substantially different to the Crunchyroll one, and includes details the Crunchyroll article doesn’t.

          Pretty sure you’re seeing things that aren’t there.

          • Maybe. You sound quite invested in this, others can make their own opinion I guess. I’m happy for you to disagree, both articles are out there, just my view that this article appeared to be a ripoff of the lead the crunchyroll article made 2 days earlier.
            And I noticed this story was removed for a time from the main page yesterday – now THAT’s seeing things that aren’t there 🙂

  • It seems plausible, especially since City Shrouded in Shadow will have both Godzilla and EVA-01 duking it out while you try to escape.

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