Australians Can Sign Up For Pokemon GO Right Now

Niantic has announced on their blog this morning something that I've been waiting all year for: when Pokemon GO will first become available in Australia and New Zealand.

In a blog post on their site, the maker of Ingress announced that field testing — similar to the beta that has been live in Japan for around a fortnight — for Pokemon GO has been extended to Australia and New Zealand, with the test to begin later this month.

"Please note that sign up doesn’t guarantee access to the field test. The Pokémon GO field test will give users the opportunity to share early feedback and help improve the Pokémon GO experience," the company posted.

For those interesting in playing — of which there are many — you'll need to meet the following requirements:

Android: Version 4.3 and above is required. We currently do not support Intel Atom-based Android devices. iPhone: iPhone 5 with iOS 8 and above is required. Playability is not guaranteed on all devices.

Testers are also asked to keep all details confidential, and that the field test can end at any period without prior notice.

You can sign up for the beta over at the Niantic/Pokemon GO site here, which I've certainly already done. Just keep in mind any of the rewards you come across won't be reimbursed to your account when Pokemon GO actually goes live. "Please consider the actual improvement of game as the reward for participating the program," the developers added.


    Signed up with both iOS and Android no issues.

    Last edited 08/04/16 10:41 am

    "Aw bloody hell, a flamin' Rattata again!"

    "Strewth, is that a Tauros?"

    "Watto says he caught a Dratini out on the water yesterday. Reckon he's taking the piss."

    Rushed to sign up then finished reading this article. A bit disappointed that we don't get a little sumthin' for participating - I'm probably not going to bother.

    Also didn't realise that the Ingress people were behind it. They've taken the Sony approach of refusing to change usernames, which is why I've stopped playing both PS4 and Ingress, so Pokemon GO may have a limited lifespan for me (yes I'm that shallow).

      Don't choose a shitty name?

      And yes you can change it. Or used to be able to in Ingress. We've got a guy who screamed abuse because we knew where he lived because he made a home portal and would hit it every morning and evening. And take it back within minutes of someone else killing it.

      Got a name change approved and didn't change his play style at all. Idiot.

      I have forgotten both my ingress names which is kind of sad as i created a new one just last week :S.

      I assume they want to know your Ingress details as they will probably want a few long time Ingress players involved.

    You truly are a pecial human who quit PS4 because you can't change your username. This is the worst reason for not doing anything I have heard in my entire life.

      What's pecial mean, buttercup?

        Let me guess... um, special? And anyone who isn't should know that.

    SO excited... then realized I couldn't do it because the VPN at work shows us up as outside AU.

    Gotta jump on my phone.

    hmm :S did anyone get any kind of verification email saying that they have signed up?

    Is everything wiped once its done? Or does the stuff carry over? I would enjoy having a play with it, but I wouldn't put any serious hours in unless everything carries over to the full game.

    Edit: Never mind just spotted this: ◦Test player accounts and game data will not be transferred to the release version. Game progression and data will be wiped multiple times during the course of the field test. Due to the nature of this field test, game data can be erased inadvertently at any time.

    Last edited 08/04/16 3:03 pm

    what happens after you signed up

    But but but but but...they never do things in Australia...

    ...whats the catch?

    Can You Sign Up more than once? I have been waiting for this game ever since it was announced (like most people) and I am DETERMINED to get a Beta test copy! If anyone knows can they please tell me. Thanks in advance!

    Anyone got their beta invite yet? Still nothing for me.

      Yeah. My friends have already gotten the invites to Pokémon Go and are playing now. They got around 2 weeks ago

        Got mine last week too. Hope they expand the beta, since several of my Ingress/Pokémon-mad friends missed out.

    I heard if you beta test it you get a free Pokemon go watch you can choose green or blue but there just rumors

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