Behind The Scenes Of No Man's Sky's Wonderful Art

The procedural mystery of No Man's Sky is obviously contributes to our collective hype for the game, but there's something a little more subtle, beneath the surface.

The art.

No Man's Sky truly looks alien. It achieves that through its unique art style, which references old science fiction novels and, particularly, their covers. This new video explores that art.

I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the life forms you'll be finding in No Man's Sky. The fact that so much of this is procedurally generated is interesting, particularly in terms of how that procedure is designed.

Yes, I am very excited for this video game.


    I'm keen for this game, and hope it lives up to its hype and potential, but I have seen the same animals over and over again on the different planets they have shown, I know it's just demos but I really hope there is some really genuinely unique environments and life forms to explore...

      Yeah I know what you mean! I spent a few hours watching a bunch of interviews and demos of the game the other day and I've noticed that we've seen the same 5-6 planets that they're using for demoing so I think that's why we're seeing the same animals. As you get deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of interviews with Sean Murray you see some new footage and unbelievable creatures - stuff that I saw that I just went "holy sh*t" looking at. I'm super psyched.

      I think that a genuinely exploratory game without an overarching story is a bad idea from the start. I hope they give this world enough life to keep coming back to, and to see some form of closure at the end.

    There are a few of these interviews covering the art, some more mathematical concepts behind how the actual game works, and the procedurally generated music that are all really interesting. Spent a good amount of time the other day watching them (They're all on gameinformer's youtube channel for anyone interested)

    OK, a game that references Chris Foss is alright be me!
    Now to set aside some funds and will wait to see how it goes.
    Bugger me though it's really beautiful!

    I was wondering about the colour theory, all of the demos and screen shots looked really nice and I thought if it's all procedurally generated there's got to be a few planets with a violent orange grass, muddy purple leaves and mustard yellow trunks or combinations equally stupid. Glad to know they've spent a lot of work maintaining that particular art style across planets.

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    I know this video covers the artwork and all, but that soundtrack playing is absolutely killer! kind of gives me Interstellar vibes, and if that 6 minute piece is sort of what they're going for then I am going to be all over that OST when it comes out (buying the game itself is kind of a given isn't it?)

      There's another video on the music of the game if you're interested! it was created by an actual band, 65DaysOfStatic.

    This game I can't wait for, right?

    Dammit. Sean Murray's habit of saying 'right?' is infectious.

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