BioShock Looks Far More Crisp In Unreal Engine 4

BioShock Looks Far More Crisp In Unreal Engine 4

Dayshot: BioShock came out nearly nine years ago and used Unreal Engine 2.5, so it’s no wonder the Unreal Engine 4 project it inspired looks so sharp.

The map, a remake of BioShock’s Medical Pavilion in UE4, is a piece of university coursework made by UK-based environment artist Ross Littlejohn. As he noted in his UE forum thread, he “modelled and textured all assets, aside from the foliage and some original Bioshock artwork”.

That’s some gorgeous fanart, right there. There’s screenshots below, and more from the artist on his website.

Original BioShock screenshot via the BioShock Wiki.

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  • Bioshock is in my top ten of all time and I need me this right now! If it ever actually got remade in an engine like this I’d probably shell out the cash to actually own a pc to play it on. Gah

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