Bravely Second Has Jedi Mind Tricks

Bravely Second Has Jedi Mind Tricks

In 2014’s Bravely Default, there was no real explanation for the random encounter slider, a toggle you could use to reduce or amplify the rate of invisible enemy attacks. It just kind of existed. The sequel, Bravely Second, does things a bit differently.

Early in the 3DS role-playing game, there’s a scene where your party has to avoid some patrolling guards. Tiz, who returns from Bravely Default, has a Star Wars-inspired way of dealing with them.

Like its predecessor, Bravely Second is full of these sort of quality-of-life improvements that make it feel like a modern JRPG. I groaned during one early section where I had to backtrack across a continent and thought I’d have to re-cross a dungeon I’d already beaten, but when I arrived, the game asked if I wanted to just skip over it. Jedi mind tricks everywhere!


  • “It just kind of existed…”

    Looks to me like it still just kind of exists. That’s not an explanation…

  • The encounter slider doesn’t need an explanation though, just like every other menu system in the game doesn’t need nor get one. They just decided to use a pop culture reference as a joke to segue into a tutorial, something the game does a lot and drew criticism from the Japanese players for.

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