Can't They All Be President?

Can't They All Be President?

Image via sevenends

Normally, cosplay involves dressing up as fictional characters, not real people. But this year's Presidential primaries have been so absurd that I think this now counts.

Amazing how a wardrobe change suddenly makes Trump look like a dude you'd wanna party with. As for the other two, your feelings are yours and yours alone.

The trio were at horror convention Monsterpalooza in Pasadena over the weekend. If anyone knows who they were, let me know!

UPDATE: Looks like the masks were made by Landon Meier's Hyperflesh. So good.

Can't They All Be President?

Image: Landon Meier

Can't They All Be President?

Image via gruntpunch


    Flashbacks to the Aphex Twin 'window licker' video clip.

      Holy crap never watch that clip after 2am (which is when you're likely to see it on Rage after a night on the turps) it will invade your nightmares!

        I'm thinking Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy" amiright??

    I'm so confused about really wanting to feel the Bern right now ...

    Last edited 27/04/16 9:17 am

      Stupid sexy Sanders!

      Last edited 27/04/16 10:27 am

    The makeup artists name is Landon Meier. HIs facebook page is full of all sorts of other weird and wonderful things.

    Sadly I think this is a somewhat accurate interpretation of what people think of the candidates. As in real life Sanders is the most attractive option, Trump does not look qualified for the job and no-one's quite sure what Clinton's going to do which makes everyone a little nervous.

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