Climbing In Virtual Reality Looks Amazing

I've had my beady eye on The Climb for a while now. It's a virtual reality climbing 'simulator' from Crytek.

This means it looks goddamn beautiful.

Also rock climbing. It's something I'm passionate about when I'm not doing Kotaku, video games or parenthood.

This game isn't really accurate in any way whatsoever. Climbing with gloves is sorta ridiculous. Speed climbing is also... kind of a niche thing. Climbing is usually about the pleasure of pure movement, or the challenge of hauling your carcass up something that's at your physical and technical limit.

Either way, there's a lot to love about this. For example, I love the way that clipping in represents a checkpoint. That's just so clever, and actually makes a lot of sense in terms of how climbing works.

The Climb comes out today. My retail Oculus Rift still hasn't arrived, so I can't play it yet. This hurts my soul.


    the lack of arms immediately looses any sort immersion they are working towards

      Not really - probably makes it more immersive in the sense you dont see someone else's arms flailing around. Just a marker to advise you where you hand is but no weird graphic to portray your arm - that would take away from the experience i think

    I agree, sweaty, trembling, exhausted arms would be much better than floating hands.

    Climbing with gloves is sorta ridiculous

    True, but it's an easy way to remove suggestion of race or gender from the hands which might make some people more comfortable in assuming the role (especially in VR).

      Maybe they will allow you to use different meshes, colours and wearables in the game
      that'd be fun

    You climb using the xbox controller?

    The Climb comes out today. My retail Oculus Rift still hasn’t arrived, so I can’t play it yet. This hurts my soul.Do you have a shipping estimate? They haven't really said anything at all for the Kickstarters, so we're kind of all just in limbo wondering whether they'll show up out of the blue or what. Although apparently shipping to Melbourne and Sydney has opened up, so maybe we'll see something next week. But then I've been saying "maybe next week" every week for the last month >_>


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