Community Review: Dark Souls III

As someone who writes about video games for a living, I tend to get copies of games early. That includes From Software game like Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

This is good, but it's also super awesome when everyone else gets to jump on board with you. The only thing more rewarding than playing these games is talking about it.

How are you finding Dark Souls III so far?

I've already written some thoughts on the game, but in general I am loving it.

Interestingly I'm enjoying it more than I expected I would, primarily because, after Bloodborne, I thought it might be difficult to go back to the Souls universe. I thought this series would have little to surprise me. But Dark Souls III is not a souls-by-numbers — it really is the sequel the original Dark Souls deserved. It's grand in scale, but reserved in the right ways. It's focused, not bloated. The boss designs are some of the best in any From Software game I've ever played. The lack of Dark Souls-esque honeycombed world structure is missed, but individual areas are so intricate that I mostly don't care. Most importantly — Lothran has a real sense of place.

It's also the most beautiful From Software game yet. The artists have had a field day with this one. Dear lord, this game is just beautiful to look at and examine.

Okay, enough from me. I suspect I'll be writing many more words about Dark Souls III in the weeks to come, so I'm keen to hear all your thoughts so far.


    Really enjoying it, easily the best Dark Souls by far imo. The faster pace and environments are fantastic. Stuck in the dirty catacombs at the moment.

    Send help.

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      Don't give up skeleton

      I too am in the catacombs having a fantasticcccccccccc time lol

      Also please send help.

    I have spent 40 hours in the PS4 version so far. I have made some terrible errors, breaking quest lines, putting levels in to skills I do not use. I bought the PC version yesterday and I intend to get EVERYTHING in my second run through. I love every minute, I see souls in my sleep now. Oooh a Shiny ! Oooh a Shiny! Shiny !!!

      You can respec with a pale tongue at the Cathedral of the Deep covenant if your unhappy with your build.

    I preferred the others because my computer wasn't broken & I could afford to buy them.

    I'm really let down, Miyazaki, pick up your game.

    The good news is it's another Souls game, the bad news is, it's another Souls game. Souls games are like Zelda games in that they have a lot of common elements that just get remixed between games so it feels both familiar and new. The problem is, the Souls games tend to keep the niggly bits in as well such as clunky menus and the inability to step up onto a 10cm high ledge. Being 5 games into the series (Bloodborne is a Souls game in essence) I'd have liked to have seen some bigger shake ups to the formula than we got but hopefully From will start a new series and take what they know and go from there.

    On the whole though, this is the most fun I've ever had with a Souls game and the introduction of weapon skills makes combat feel less like a chore than the previous games. At its best, it's like playing through an epic poem, at it's worst it's trudging for hours through grey (it's the new brown!) pressing R1 and the roll button at intervals.

      Regarding the inability to climb up small ledges, I do agree with you but in fairness you could climb ledges in Demon's Souls.

    Just about to begin my new game +

    I like all the nods to previous games, even Demon Souls gets some nods, Tower of Latria anyone? Those damn bell jailers

    Oh and my favourite enemy was present Black/silver knights., My favourite because I long ago learned how to parry them, super fun enemy. Also Snake men!!!

    A few of the boss fights I loved The dragon riding guy in dragonpeak, just amazing scenery for a fight and fun to kill a dragon and then it's rider :)

    I felt the illusory walls were pretty damn obvious... which is fine by me, lessons learned from DaS.

    It had some of those "how am I supposed to kill this" moments GIANT, lightning lazer worm in Smouldering lake. The tree boss, if only for a minute.

      Surprised you didn't mention Yhorm as a boss fight, whacking him with the Storm Ruler was a ton of fun.

        Fun, but really easy. He looked cool in trailers but he's a total wimp!

        And now that I think about it I could mention tons of cool stuff, just wanted my post to be... succinct. Mainly because I'm also playing the game right now :)

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          I guess I had a real hard time in Irithyll Dungeon, so having a fun boss felt like such a reward.

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            Fair enough... I found happiness by killing Gollum (^_____^)

              I don't remember Gollum trying to shank Frodo, maybe he would of been more successful if he did :P

    Gripes and negative things:

    (I'm thoroughly enjoying it overall I must say)

    Fire Link Shrine interior is too big and it's easy to get lost. It's like the Nexus I know, but that joint was at least visually inspiring.

    If From have done it once, they've done it a hundred times, all these hidden changes to multiplayer are weird. It's something I've whined about in the other thread.

    Titanite is everywhere, and I can buy it quite early on ad infinitum. But the randomness of obtaining the higher quality stuff seems off. Also, the lizards only give you Twinkling now only? I liked the thrill of that chase!

    Summons seem borked more often than not. Ce la vie.

    I'm not really that far, but the 'ice' buff on weapons seems like it's under-cooked. I know these games leave out explanations, but I'm not really understanding it. Will stick to lightning but that's a bad habit as well.

    Those big crabs that scurry away and regain their health. Gawd.

    I'm in water/swamp/slime. Now I'm in deep Now I'm not. Now I'm in deep again. Now I'm not.

    Typical (though I should say 'usual') Souls games bugs and lack of polish in some janky areas. Like Bloodborne, this game is already pushing the hardware and while that's cool it doesn't bode well for the future. From Software gets a pass from me because it's From though.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. These games do not fit well into the AAA mould. The downright weird pre-order and marketing crap from Bamco doesn't sit well with me at all. And apparently there's a Season Pass. For a Souls game. For crying out loud.

      I'm in water/swamp/slime. Now I'm in deep Now I'm not. Now I'm in deep again. Now I'm not.

      Pro tip: equip a dagger with the quickstep ability and use the weapon art to dash through deep water. Even when you use all FP it still works :)

        Oh it's not that. There's no way to tell (as far as can I see) when/where I'm in a deep spot. This of course is only applicable to large watery areas.

          Ah... I believe there's lily pads in the deep areas

          Pffft, could I be more wrong? There's lilypads EVERYWHERE in crucifixion woods

          Just tested the other swamp... lilypads do indeed allude to deep water.

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            I'd rate that message but you won't get a health boost.

    Had Friday off, so played at least 30 hours over the long weekend. Apart from having to turn lighting effects to low to stop it from fucking crashing all the time, having a fantastic time!

    There's just nothing like Souls.

    One thing new for me, playing online for the first time in the series. I realised after it was too late the ability to summon help is all too tempting when you're having a hard time. Virtually makes the game easy. Next play-through will be without help.

    Meanwhile, what's with twats leaving "illusionary wall ahead" signs everywhere when there clearly isn't. Childish and pointless? But then, such is the online world I guess ...

    Is it bad to link to my review on another site? If not you can read all 2000 words of my impressions here:

    I've horribly fucked up at least four quest lines, never to be completed. I spent the first 70 levels and boss fights all the way up to Anor Londo not realizing that I had 6 boosts to my estus flask healing (I thought it was the thing which makes zones harder, like from DS2). I've had NPCs die or disappear early, locking me out of rewards (the extra free levels from Yoel hurt most), missed countless gear sets and materials, done zones completely in the wrong order, and spent frustrating ages on 2-on-1 fights that usually result in my beating the first guy and dying to the second guy moments after I discovered he was actually the weaker of the two and I should've focused him first. I've died probably about 50 times if my hollowing stat is anything to go by, so now I look like beef jerky.

    I don't even care. NG is going to be a better run. I swear. The game is amazing, I'm really enjoying it. :)

      That's how everybody's first run through every Souls game looks unless you use guides or wikis. Revel in your glorious failures and use them as motivation to explore harder next time!

    Best souls game imo. So beautiful to look at.

    Much wider variety of enemies which is also, especially the bosses. Also cat-spiders and the women-spiders and the bird-people. Freaky.

      Dude have u seen the giant wood priests in the swamp...things freaked me out big time!

        Or the dogs with bees in their mouths, so when they bark they shoot bees at you?

    Only 5 hours in (very busy time at work which makes Namco's decision to hold worldwide release back after Easter even more insulting) still romping around the High Wall putting down my white sign for folks.

    Very pleased with the game so far there's a very undead burg feel to this first zone

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    This game is as fun, if not more fun than the previous souls game. I'm a big fan of armour sets not having a major impact on stats so it means I can look as good as as I want when I like as long as my equipment load doesn't impact my rolling

    It's funny, I played the first two to completion, yet this still feels so fresh to me for some reason. I only did a few hrs on new game plus on #1,so I never lingered much beyond my 90 odd hr playthrough before moving onto other games.
    After 20 hrs I'm still building my skills back up to snuff and loving exploring every nook and crannies of the awesome environments.
    That fucking crystal mage man...took me a dozen shots but Damn it felt good to beat it!!

    Can someone help me beating that god damn second boss? It's killing me, literally.

      U talking about that frost beast after heading down those massive stairs? If you're on xbone I'll help out anytime !
      Just roll like a bitch and get around the back of him to get a couple quick hits in, then release lock on and get outta there for a bit. Make sure u r ready to dodge that long distance roll he does and keep your distance when he's spewing out the ice.
      Also I dunno how familiar u r with the equip load but try keep it around 60 to 70 % at most so your rolls r quick. And quickly change to two hand attacks when u hit him, and quickly back to get your shield up if need be

      if you on steam and still stuck you can add me, 'korbain'. Im sure you beat it by now ;)

    I've only been a Souls fan for less than a year, and I must admit my only experience is what has been released on PS4 (DSII, Bloodborne, DSIII). I'm loving this game so far. I love the pacing. The customization. The lore. The feel of the world. But there is one thing that I love more than all that.
    I love the community that supports this game.
    Sure, there may be those who hate on it for their own reasons. I can accept that people have different opinions and that this game might not be for everyone who tries it. Regardless, I love the way the community comes together, sharing new discoveries as they explore the world, sharing their frustrations at some of the most epic bosses I have ever encountered. It's that sense of brotherhood that bands everyone together as they progress through the game that I really enjoy.
    Here's to another great FromSoftware game.
    Praise the Sun!

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