Cosplay Gets Super Technical With This Light-Up Genos Costume

It's only been a few years since putting a few simple LED lights in your costume was enough to blow everyone's mind and win competitions — but cosplay has become far more technical in the last few years. Take this Genos cosplay by Diegator that not only lights up, but is also gesture-activated, programmable to any colour and animated in a cool sequence that looks just like the real deal.

Lead image via Diegator

Though Diegator's light-up arms look nice enough in the photo above, the true beauty of this cosplay can only really be experienced experienced in video. Behold:

The innards are pretty complicated, especially for someone like me who has only just figured out how to wire an LED to a battery:

Surprisingly, the outer shell of the arms is made from good old EVA foam — one of cosplay's most low-tech and most useful materials. These gorgeous cosplay pieces prove that you don't have to own a 3D printer to make some damn impressive props — though Diegator has done some pretty amazing stuff with more high-tech materials as well:


    I love it, people are amazing when they put their mind to it. Glad you showed a 'making of' video for this instead of just pics taken, I appreciate the costumes more when I see the effort that goes into making them.

    I always find it interesting that an individual can make a costume that is screen accurate and seemingly costs less than the movie version does.

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