CS Pro Destroys Other Team Seconds After Hosts Question Strategy

CS Pro Destroys Other Team Seconds After Hosts Question Strategy

The $US1 million Counter-Strike MLG Columbus Major has been running for a few days now, and it’s produced no end of crowd-flooring highlights. The latest? An oddball play that decimated an entire team in seconds.

The moment couldn’t have been better if somebody had scripted it. With his team down 14-6 against Ukrainian powerhouse Natus Vincere (AKA Na’Vi), NiP’s Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund purchased an auto-sniper, a slow yet powerful weapon with some nasty recoil. He was playing from the back, something longtime Counter-Strike commentator Anders Blume found awfully questionable.

“I’m really wondering about GeT_RiGhT’s position right now,” Blume said. “All the way in the back there, is the auto-sniper really gonna be useful from this position? Sure, if they boost up like he’s expecting. But if they get into the bombsite, and they are walking in right now…”

That’s when everything changed. In a split-second do-or-die-horribly heartbeat, GeT_RiGhT pulled the trigger. One member of Na’Vi went down. The others started firing back, but GeT_RiGhT pegged them with pinpoint accurate shots, one after another. It was over in seconds. GeT_RiGhT pulled off a preposterously implausible ace, wiping out the entire team on his own. Everybody lost their shit, commentators included:

NiP may not be the most consistent team on Earth, but they sure know how to surprise the hell out of everybody.


  • Decent ace but it wasn’t a decimation nor was it implausible. Come on, man, use your words.

    • Personally I’m curious as to when ‘pinpoint accurate’ started applying to spray ‘n pray tactics with a whole lot of missed shots.

      Now I’ll admit I haven’t played CS in a long time, so I could be wrong and all those walls hit were actually enemy combatants in disguise.

  • Na’vi pretty much fed him those kills. GeT_RiGhT used to lay claim to the title best player in the world. That was a disgustingly easy ace for him.

    In ‘the back’ is also not the call out for that spot (usually called dark/emo/shadow). So I guess this writer isn’t particularly in the know about CS. I’ll let this slide then, you scrub. ;P

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