Creators Of Bastion Announce A Brand New RPG

Supergiant Games has quickly built a reputation for creating unique RPG experiences that play to our collective nostalgia, but innovate.

A difficult balance to strike.

Looks like their newly announced game, Pyre, will follow in those footsteps.

Supergiant Games is describing it as a "party-based role-playing game", so along the lines of a 16-bit JRG by the looks. It seems like it might be a little bit influenced by Fire Emblem in terms of relationships between in-game characters. A real strength of Supergiant is their ability to tell stories in really unique ways, so I'm keen to find out how that all works. A western-style interpretation of Fire Emblem mechanics seems like a super good idea to me.

You can find out more about Pyre here.

Pyre is set for release in 2017 on PlayStation 4.


    holy fuck! :D
    this is excellent
    Really hope Daren Korb, Ashley Barrett & Logan Cunningham are all involved again :D

    Edit: oh. only mentioned for PS4. that's.... incredibly disappointing.
    Edit #2: the actual supergiant site (not the sony one) says its simultaneous release on PS4 & Steam.
    Edit #3: Logan Cunningham is involved. Seems Korb is too.
    Edit #4: Ashley Barrett is in too. sold. GOTY2017

    Last edited 20/04/16 2:25 pm

      Darren Korb is the sound designer on that trailer (and I assume the game). Logan Cunningham has confirmed he's involved.

      I hope Ashely is as well!

        yep. Korb is the guy singing on the trailer & has confirmed he's doing the soundtrack. Barrett has confirmed she's involved as well.

        pretty hyped about this :D

      Bring on the soundtrack. I still listen to the Transistor OST!

        man, the soundtracks are so good.
        actually grabbed the Bastion sheet music for guitar a while ago. should see if i can find it again & remember how to play Build That Wall....

    Are you sure you can be reporting this , @markserrels ?

    I mean, it's not related to Dark Souls is it?

    hopefully we get another awesome narrative addressing the whole death/rebirth and player-driven apocalypse scenario - for a US-based developer their output always made me think of a hypothetical European sister-studio to Quintet

    I'm slightly enthusiastic. I've always found Supergiant's games to be visually and aurally fantastic with amazing endings, but the gameplay and intermediate story always lets them down, like they had a bunch of great ideas but didn't really know what to do with them. That being said, I found Transistor was more enjoyable than Bastion so hopefully it's third time lucky.

    I loved bastion but found Transistor a bit dull. This looks really promising though.

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