Dark Souls 3 Looks Pretty Good With The Steam Controller

If you haven't used the Steam Controller before, here's a tip: it's pretty reliant on having a good configuration. Different games need different setups.

But many are launching with "official" Steam Controller configs these days. And the one for Dark Souls 3 looks pretty good so far.

The major appeal I can see with the Steam controller over a standard gamepad is being able to swing the camera around a lot more efficiently. The fact that the camera can be bound to mouse-like input, rather than the traditional sensitivity of a 360/XBO/PS4 pad, means you can flick around to check corners far more quickly than you would ordinarily.

The one quirk in Valve's video is the way the controller's being held. Based off my experience, the controller is most comfortable when your hands and thumbs are hovering over the two large pads. You can customise it so the left pad functions like an analogue stick — the fact that you can tweak and change just about everything is part of the fun, after all.

What about you lot? Anyone playing on PC with the Steam Controller — and how are you finding Dark Souls 3 on PC generally?


    I saw that they are doing a Steam controller + Dark Souls 3 bundle but I can't seem to access the page to purchase it. Maybe it's a US only thing :(

      The controller's still not officially released in Aus, so the offer's not available here. They said they'd release the controller here in "Q1 2016," but last I heard on the topic was last November, so I'm not really holding my breath any more.

        Won't work on the Dark Souls deal, but you can order them from Amazon. I ordered one from there for about $80 AUD and it was shipped out in about a week.

          Yea, I put an order in a couple weeks ago; I'm waiting for them to restock ($85 incl. shipping, iirc). PlayAsia have them in stock, but they're a little more expensive at $92 + shipping... I'm keen to get one, but not $110+ keen.

          How you finding it? I read a bunch of mixed reports about it.

            Sorry about the ridiculously late response! I've found it to be really good. Takes some getting used to with the placement of the face buttons and using the trackpad, but as a m+KB replacement it functions about as well as could be expected. I've been using it to play the Division recently and once you get used to it, you can get quite good accuracy on aiming through the trackpad.
            Other big plus I like about it is the fact you can download community configurations for games, even those not on sale through Steam (as long as you add the game to your Steam library).
            Also outside of gaming it makes navigating the Desktop from the couch very simple ... only issue I have is I can;t get the virtual keyboard to appear outside of steam ... guess that's just how it goes, and they do have a browser built into Big Picture mode, but it's not as good as Chrome / Firefox.
            So yeah, does somethings well, others not so well, but all in all I'm happy with the purchase.

        Dead set... I've been seeing the controller advertised on Steam since it's release but never checked to see if I could buy one until now. What a joke.

          Yea, it sucks. It was probably to strengthen Valve's (now failed) argument regarding "not conducting business in Australia" in their case vs. the ACCC... now that the trial's been decided, hopefully they'll get around to selling hardware here... once the settlement's resolved in a few weeks.

            Yeah sounds pretty spot on to me. I might even bite the bullet and order one through another retailer. Playing DS3 with one does look awesome.

              You can just buy it through Amazon and have it shipped to Australia, if you really want one.

                Yeah looks like I will. They sting you on price though.

    The fact that the camera can be bound to mouse-like input, rather than the traditional sensitivity of a 360/XBO/PS4 pad, means you can flick around to check corners far more quickly than you would ordinarily

    I see you trying to justify it... but really, this is not even an issue that exists.
    If you really NEED mouse like movement for camera controls and can't play it as it was originally conceived, I think the only thing you need is...
    ... to GIT GUD

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