Dark Souls 3 PC Has Crashing Issues, But There's A Temporary Fix

Dark Souls 3 PC Has Crashing Issues, But There's A Temporary Fix

Dark Souls 3 is already difficult, but on the PC, some users have been hit with an additional frustration: it keeps crashing at the start of the game. After scouring various sources — Twitter, reddit, NeoGAF, Steam — the consensus points to crashes as early as the first bonfire. For the record, I didn't encounter this problem during my playthrough on the PC, which took place over 35 hours. I didn't experience a single crash.

Here's a video of the crash in action:

Bandai Namco has not issued a statement yet, instead pointing people towards its support page, as they collect more information.

Desperate to keep playing, users have come up with some temporary fixes.

One: set your lighting setting to "low". Two: start playing the game as a knight.

One or the other — or a combination of the two — is allowing some players to press forward and fight the darkness, but your mileage may vary.

I'll be keeping an eye on this, and hopefully a patch hits soon.


    Haven't had any issues as yet myself (although I did start as a knight).

    might try a different class tonight and see how I go, seems like a pretty solid port so far (I'm only a couple hours in though so we will see)

    I haven't had any issues, worst I've had is a notable hit to the FPS when entering a new area. Graphics are on max and started the game as a Sorcerer.

    A few other sites are suggesting that wearing a helmet that hides your characters' hair is the work-around. The Knight just happens to start with a full helmet.

    If true, it's a pretty funny bug.

    I've got about 5 hours in and yet to experience this specific problem, although I have run into others:
    - When summoning other phantoms to help with a boss, they cannot enter the boss fight with me and I'm stuck fighting a boss with more HP than if I had challenged it alone
    - When joining other people's games (being summoned) sometimes they have no animations and slide around, and I am invincible meaning it's insanely easy to kill the boss for them

    Hit this bug myself last night. Lowered lighting settings to low and I could play. Crashed around the first bonfire and the first Lothric bonfire. Nvidia GTX780 latest drivers playing as a pyromancer. My favourite part so far. Seeing a Dev note that says turn back and saying yes boss then turning the fuck around. Curiosity dragged me back to the start later to check it out. Glad I turned back. :)

    I found a bug on PC where as soon as I try to select eyebrow types in the character creator the image freezes and won't change.

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