Dark Souls III Already Has An Honest Trailer

Yep. And it's pretty good.

VaatiVidya's in it! I thought that part was pretty cool.

It's probably worthwhile giving you a quick warning: it's pretty spoiler heavy. If you want to avoid boss spoilers in particular, I might give it a miss.

Otherwise, watch and enjoy!


    Cheers for the spoiler warning, I'll have to wait until I've killed at least 10 bosses before i give this a viewing

      I started it and its funny but yeah - im gonna avoid the spoiler aspect

      Loved this:

      "As you hack, slash and inevitably die your way through the unforgiving world of Dark Souls one more time... Until you give up and run past everything to find the next bonfire. What? We all do it!"

      Made me giggle haha

        hahaha I was playing Bloodborne last night (picking up my DS3 collectors edition tonight) and just so I could learn the Djura emote, I ran past everything just to take on Blood Starved Beast.

        Its amazing that when we all started out, we'd try kill everything to play it safe and make it to a bonfire, and now because we've been playing these games for years, running is the best method for beating content :P

          hahaha - i still try and take it easy... But theres an impatience about me if i find an area difficult i try running it even if i dont nail it the first time hah

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