Dead Or Alive Getting Mouse Pads With 'Life-Size' Boobs

Dead or Alive Getting Mouse Pads with 'Life-Size' Boobs

Of course it is. Warning: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

"Life-sized boob mouse pads" (等身大おっぱいマウスパッド or "toushindai oppai mausu paddo") have been released in Japan for well-over a decade. Some people think they're harmless fun, while others don't like them. In the past few years, however, the these mouse pads have gotten truly life-sized.

To put this into context, this Honoka mouse pad weighs around 2100 grams, 1600 of which is the character's chest and which sounds like serious back problems.

According to major Japanese news site Biglobe, the mouse pads feature Honoka and Marie Rose. They are made in Japan by skilled artisans, apparently, using a special super soft material. The company that creates them, Softgarage, tells Biglobe that these are the "biggest and softest mouse pads on Earth".

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's review of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 here.

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[Image: Softgarage]


    I'll be the one to say it, but that actually looks amazingly comfortable. Not sure of it's use as a mouse pad however, there is often rarely enough actual pad to work with on anything with a wrist support and the height especially would cause more harm than good.

      Indeed, genuine pads with support are awesome, but the height here would work against you for sure.

        The Marie Rose one might be about right though, about as much padding as a normal ergo mousepad.

        I always found ergonomic pads (and boobie pads - got one as a dumb pack in for some game at one point) to get in my way more than they helped, but I imagine if you had carpal tunnel they'd be a godsend.

        Just think if they were Ivy from Soul Calibur, you beable to use the mouse mat as pillow xD

          I'd be able to sit it down next to a pool and use it as a diving board lol

            I''d be able to use it to float the titanic from the depths of the ocean

    Ergonomic mousepad. These things are fantastic to use for people with RSI or damaged wrists. It's a pity it looks tacky as hell. Pick up a genuine ergonomic wrist supporting mousepad and you'll wonder how you did without one :)

    "They are made in Japan by skilled artisans"

    Imagine having that on your resume. "Boob Mousepad Artisan".

    not gunna lie, those boobs jiggle a lot better than those of my real doll (yes i have one, and no im obviously not effected by the uncanny valley)

    So i just checked the website and not only do they have mouse mats with boobs, but also mouse mat with Butts
    do not click if your at work or in church/place of worship

    Must be a slow news day. I remember these in the 80's. Very uncomfortable if playing games. Look at the mouse in the picture, a quality 1st gen mouse. Must be having a warehouse clearance.

    These types of mouse pads are actually really good for your wrist. I was given one with a review copy of DoA5 and it was great... Till the gel filling split the seams around the lower part of the pad, then it was useless.

    Maybe instead of trying to create outrage and bullshit over the image on the outside, maybe one day Bashcraft can write something positive.

    Looks like they have an English site: . They had the Pochaco butt mousepad on there before

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