Diablo II’s Final Boss, Looking Unusually Badarse

Diablo II’s Final Boss, Looking Unusually Badarse

Dayshot: This Baal is more like the Baal I’d imagine after dying over ten times in Diablo II Act V’s Worldstone Chamber.

The above model is the fifth and final piece of a 3D fanart series about the act bosses of Diablo II. The artist, Svein Yngve Sandvik Antonsen from Norway, first started working on the Lord of Destruction in February. His version is more like a Buff Boss than the original’s Smug Snake:

Not a one to one copy, more like a reimagination. Pretty cool, nevertheless.

You can find galleries for the other act bosses Andariel (NSFW), Duriel, Mephisto and Diablo by clicking through the links in their respective names. More pics for Baal are below.

GIF via the Diablo 2: LoD intro.

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