Dick Smith Is Selling Everything, And I Mean Everything

Dick Smith Is Selling Everything, And I Mean Everything

The current plan is for all Dick Smiths to close by the end of April, but over the weekend some closed their doors for the last time.

If you’ve ever wandered into a Dick Smith in the last week or so, it’s pretty depressing.

These guys are selling everything. And I mean everything.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really in need of some uncut confetti.

One store was trying to sell these things for 25 cents each! https://twitter.com/ausretrogamer/status/720804304991334400

This was taken about five days ago, but damn. That second pic is especially brutal. https://twitter.com/Tenani/status/720058556356005888

Taken just over a week ago. This store is selling everything, even the fixtures. https://twitter.com/timoslimo/status/719275808674738181

Holy shit, this store was actually trying to sell a fax machine. https://twitter.com/eey0re/status/718982048162013184

This store had a sense of humour about the situation. https://twitter.com/timshiel/status/721209775640293377

This was taken at Glen Waverley.

Via Reddit

It’ll be a shame to see Dick Smith go. The stores themselves were a bit of a relic, but it’s been such a fixture in Australian retail. Good luck to all the staff members who’ll soon be out of a job.


  • If only they were relevant and humuorous 6 months ago to appeal to the younger market. They might still be around.

    There was only so much tech the grand parents need to shop for.

    • If only they were relevant and humuorous 6 months ago to appeal to the younger market. They might still be around

      Probably not, JB has good prices to go with the jokes.

      The way Dick Smith was run, they probably would have been disciplined/fired for stuff like that if it wasn’t the last day the company existed..

  • My local is charging stupid money for fixtures. Every time I go in there and see the pricing I’m reminded why they’re going out of business.

  • The $99 fax machine is a perfect illustration of one of the many factors that led to DSE’s demise.

    • yeah, it’s worth maaybe $86 in brand new condition. $50 would be fair for a second hand one in good nick.

    • Especially when you can get a brand new, not-on-clearance unit for about $75. A price found in under a minute by googling the unit model number.

  • If they’d lowered their prices below what JB Hifi has as standard, I might have picked up a set of headphones

  • This kind of explains why they went under a little bit for me. If they had all this garbage (the PS1 link cable from last week was especially stupid) just sitting in their warehouses without being written off as a loss (as no-one in their right mind is going to buy them), kind of suggests they were using these items to prop up the book value of their assets. But then obviously these items aren’t in fact worth any money, so they’re just pumping in illusory assets in order to make themselves appear to have more liquidity than they actually do. That’s never gone wrong before has it? …

  • When ever i shopped around for prices, dicksmith were never the cheapest.
    Great way to lose to the competion.

  • I bought a hdmi micro adapter the other week at 80% off. Ticketed price was $22 so it came around $4 (what it is worth) but the price it scanned at was over $60.

  • I remember Dick Smith offered me and a friend a great Pre-order deal so we signed up. We ended up cancelling the Pre-order after a few days because they couldn’t get us the game, this was over two years ago before the clearance thing started. But I saw so many people coming in to pick up their Pre-order getting frustrated and cancelling it, getting money back and going around the corner to EB.

    It’s like Management couldn’t understand why we wanted the thing we paid for the day it came out. The guy actually snapped at me on the third day when I called in and told me to get a refund or wait 2 weeks (the game was on shelves everywhere). The guy who did my refund just told me he was sorry we couldn’t get it in on time. I even overheard the conversation he had with the Manager where he said there was no point asking if I wanted to Pre-order something, when they couldn’t deliver it on release day, because I’ll cancel and buy it elsewhere.

  • I went into one and spotted dirty used extension cords for sale, and also pieces of things.
    The stuff that was overpriced was still overpriced though.

  • I remember going into Dick Smith during a clearance sale a while ago and picking up a PSP game for $5. I took it to the counter and after some confusion the clerk told me they couldn’t sell it to me – because tomorrow it was going on sale for $2.

    I explained I didn’t really want to come back tomorrow and I was happy to pay $5 – cash I literally had in my hand – but they wouldn’t (or couldn’t) take it.

  • Once Dick Smith started being a consumer electronics store, I only bought two things from them. A Moto G and a pack of Eneloop batteries.

    I used to actually shop there pretty frequently back when they sold components. Bought many c7/c8 and c13/14 power plugs/sockets even small motors and pumps. One store near me even sold PC components for a while and during that time half my PC came from Dick Smith complete with a GeForce 6600.

    If Dick Smith had become something like a cross between Jaycar, MSY and that American thing Adafruit, it would have become my dream store. Now if only Jaycar would purchase the Dick Smith branding we’d be able to go full circle and get the Dick Smith component stores and back.

  • Picked up a G29 for $198 (down from $495) so I can’t complain. Had to call a dozen stores to find one however.

    With Dirt Rally out (and Assetto Corsa on the horizon) I just couldn’t pass up the chance up ‘upgrade’ my perfectly fine G27.

  • The first photo was at DSE North Lakes, I was there on Saturday. Pretty sorry sight.

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