Disney Crossy Road Is Like Several Different Crossy Roads In One

Disney Crossy Road Is Like Several Different Crossy Roads In One

There’s a new Crossy Road out, starring all the Disney characters. But if you were thinking they’ve just replaced a few game assets, think again.

Since its little endless frogger exploded in popularity, Hipster Whale has been busy. It has won design awards, worked with Apple to be one of the first games on Apple TV, and made similar games for companies like Bandai Namco in Pac-Man 256.

Just recently we found out what new capers it was up to: A new version of Crossy Road featuring all the Disney characters. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is just a reskin (it kind of does look like it at first glance), but that’s far from the truth.

I haven’t unlocked a lot of stuff in the game yet, but already this is several different versions of the same game, all in one. Not only are there new Disney characters, but the stages change to areas from Disney movies, and so does your objective.

The Haunted Mansion, for example, reduces your sight more and more as you go deeper. Areas you thought were safe are no longer safe, with knights charging at you. An Inside Out themed world involves you collecting memories throughout the level – spending more time than usual without moving forward – and then dumping them at collection points. The more you collect at once, the bigger the bonus. The Tangled world is especially tough, with barrels coming down from the top of the screen, making you worry about both vertical and horizontal hazards. Not to mention the snakes that go back and forth in your way…

These stages are so different in how you play, Disney Crossy Road has to actually separate your scores. Your score on Haunted Mansion will be a lot lower than on Inside Out. They’re different games. They experiment with the formula a lot more than the original did. Perhaps the closest thing was the Psy update, which had you dancing along a prescribed line to keep your points climbing. From memory though, you had to pay for the Psy character, whereas this is free.

I’ve only spent an hour or so on it, so it’s super early days, but I’m very keen to see what the other worlds have in store.


  • The Toy Story mode is similar to Tangled, in that toy blocks fall from the top and work their way down towards you. It’s like an extra difficulty setting, I love it!

  • Not a fan personally. I would have just loved a version where you could unlock Disney characters. Oh well, boring old me.

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