Dragon Ball Xenoverse Made A Lot Of Money

One of the biggest surprises of last year for me was just how much fun I had with anime fighters. Dragon Ball Xenoverse was at the top of that list: it was fun, the structure made sense within Dragonball's ridiculous universe, and the character creation and RPG elements worked well.

Also, beating the snot out of Krillin is great fun. But it was also profitable for the developer and publisher — if one of the game's voice actors is to be believed.

Sean Schemmel's a regular on the voice actor circuit, but he's best known as the English voice of Goku from the original Dragon Ball series. Naturally, that made him the first pick when it came to casting for Goku in Dragon Ball Xenoverse — and according to him, it's likely that we'll see a sequel.

The actor told a Q&A at the Bristol Comic Con that Xenoverse's voice-over producer, Chris Sabat, told him over the phone that there would be another game. "I do think there's going to be ... I can't confirm yet, but Chris called me and said there was going to be a game coming. I'm thinking we're going to do some DLC or maybe another Xenoverse game."

"I wouldn't be surprised: Xenoverse was so successful, the publishing company would be stupid not to do another one just for the sake of the money. I think that's coming, and I think Dragon Ball Super should happen this year. We don't have a contract yet, but Chris called me the other day and said, 'I think it might be happening soon.'," Schemmel added.

Dragon Ball Super is the latest storyline in the Dragon Ball series, having started airing in late June last year. It begins by telling the story from the last two Dragon Ball Z films before venturing into a plot about exploring alternate Dragon Ball universes.


    Yeah I gotta say this is the first game from DBZ universe I enjoyed.

    Awesome, looking forward to it. I picked up Xenoverse on PS4 on one of the recent sales (because the price has always been way too much more than I wanted to pay for a game of it's age) and have been absolutely loving it, would love to play more.

    Dragon Ball Super isn't finished yet, so why bother turning out another DBZ game that ends at Revival of F or Battle of the Gods?

      You misread what he said. He's not talking about a DBZ game about Super, he's talking about the English dub of Super.

        I was speaking about the game

        The actor told a Q&A at the Bristol Comic Con that Xenoverse’s voice-over producer, Chris Sabat, told him over the phone that there would be another game.

        Why make another game when there isn't much more story to tell at this point? English dub is sitting at Resurrection of F (So the first 10 or so epsiodes of Super) with Xenoverse covering things up to Battle of the Gods.

        The same company that works on DBZ stuff also makes Naruto games, and the Naruto games are better only because the story is ongoing and fresh for each game. DBZ has been telling the same story since the SNES era. So it would be better to wait till DB Super is finished, dubbed, and ready to be a part of the game before going forward.

          Okay, you have a point there. Although if they waited for Super to be finished then we'd be waiting years for them to even start work on it assuming Super has the legs the original had (or even half of them). I suppose they could expand Xenoverse to cover all the movies, that would give them enough material to pad out a game.

    Budokai Tenkaichi > Xenoverse > Raging Blast.

      Really? I haven't played Xenoverse but I'd probably reverse that personally.
      I loved the first 3 Budokai games, never really got into the Tenkaichi ones, and I had a blast(ohohohoho) with Raging Blast.

        Yeah raging blast was great. Liked Xenoverse, but never played any other DBZ games

        To clarify, this is Budokai Tenkaichi, not Budokai, it plays similarly to Raging Blast, but miles better and with far fewer irritating camera moments. Go pick up BT3 for PS2 or Wii!

        Last edited 16/04/16 11:29 am

          Yeah, thought I made it clear I understood the distinction. I played all the Tenkaichi games as well, but just didn't really enjoy them as much as the regular Budokai or Raging Blast.

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