EB Games Wants You To Buy Gaming Socks

Socks people.

Gaming. Socks.

Maybe it's a little unfair to slag this off. If someone bought me Dark Souls socks for Christmas I'd probably wear them every day.

But I still found this hilarious.

This morning EB Games loyalty members received an email — just the 'Manager's Specials', an email newsletter about deals at the store. Standard stuff, but then...

Gaming Socks. $5.

That's a pretty decent deal I guess. Socks are expensive. But yeah, you're gonna have to settle for Call of Duty branded socks with skulls on them. That's not really my bag.

But then I decided to dig a little deeper. I went to the EB Games website, I googled 'socks'. And I found this:

Guys, EB Games lets you pre-order socks. You can pre-order gaming socks.

But EB Games sells shitloads of socks. Shitloads. Check this out. Some of them are pretty cool I suppose. I think I am going insane. Gaming socks are sending me insane.

This is just extremely difficult to parse. I started this post with the intention of taking the piss out of EB Games for selling 'gaming socks'. Now I'm like, "where are the Dark Souls socks? When are they coming out?"

"Will they be available for pre-order?"


    I went to the EB Games website, I googled ‘socks’.My brain.

    These are the best gaming socks: https://www.frontierstore.net/merchandise/elite-dangerous-merchandise/elite-dangerous-logo-socks-black.html
    Maybe if only because they poke fun at the guy who proclaimed he would eat a sock if they announced the Horizons expansion at a games thing last year, mere hours before they did so :P

      Google is synonymous for search now anyway.
      Back in the day, heaps of websites used to have their own Google search widgets for their sites.

        Like this one? :P

        Huh... just went to try it out and it seems like search is broken? Weird.

    I am just sad i am yet to see these at EB yet.


    Edit, Ignore me they clearly have them since i last checked awesome.

    Last edited 12/04/16 1:22 pm

    a 10 pack is a season pass, I presume?

      Yeah but when you buy them you find out they are only ankle socks. If you want longer socks you have to purchase the add on pack and then wait for a patch.

    Can I trade in some old socks I'm not wearing any more?

      Yeah but unless they are a select few designs you'll only get a couple of bucks for them. Only specific designs qualify for their trade-in deals.

      F*** man, the internet joke of the day goes to you. lmao.

    I'm going to try to trade in some of my socks to get these.

    I wonder what I'll get for them.

      If your feet are like my brother in law, they'll pay you to keep them.

    Don't pre order socks! Wait until they come out and read the reviews first... They don't deserve to have your money early!!

      I never preorder socks personally, I never have any problems walking into a store on release day and grabbing a pair of the shelf.

    If I preorder the socks do I get the code to download exclusive toenail polish?

    Just wait until there's store exclusive left and right sock preorder bonuses

    I know that Big W or target sell socks for cheaper but i like going into EB because they really know their socks.

    So they sell more socks than Vita games??

    I call bullshit

    I read this while wearing my Bowser/Mario socks.

    I practically collect novelty socks and rarely wear "normal" socks, so this is dangerously up my alley.

    (Yes, I know, I am a terrible person. I'm OK with that)

    Going to get some of the superhero socks and wear them when I go cycling

    GameTraders were hoping to start selling retro socks but the health department stepped in.

    Will they be re-selling the socks as brand new if someone else returns them within 7 days?

    Combine gaming socks, that blue gaming wearable sleeping bag and gaming googles. Get ready for 24hr madness!... of sleeping infront your PC lol

    I know everyone likes to bash EB, but really isn't it the publishers that are weird/lame? You know the ones who came up with the idea and chose to make them in the first place?

    Hi, I'd like to pickup my preorder...


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