Either An X-Men: Apocalypse/Flash Gordon Crossover Is Happening Or Someone Is Very Confused

Either an X-Men: Apocalypse/Flash Gordon Crossover Is Happening or Someone Is Very Confused

Whatever sense you were trying to make of the world, stop. Because in a collection of Flash Gordon comic strips sold overseas in Turkey, the cover features a terrifying visage reaching out to our heroes. It's one of Flash Gordon's lesser-known villains... the evil mutant Apocalypse, as played by Oscar Isaac in the next X-Men movie.

Either an X-Men: Apocalypse/Flash Gordon Crossover Is Happening or Someone Is Very Confused

Image: Magic Shop via Comic Book.com

Yeah, this is one of those classic tales of overseas character appropriation that, thanks to the internet, spreads. Look up at the photo from the movie and then look back at this cover. The only difference the Flash Gordon version is mercifully less purple.

As ComicBook.com points out, the actual bad guy of Dan Barry's 1977-78 run was a character named Dak-Tula. Did Dak-Tula look anything like Apocalypse? No, of course not. He wore a space helmet with little antenna and red goggles. Other than that, he was a pretty regular looking dude.

We've yet to learn if 20th Century Fox is going to go after the tiny Turkish publisher who thought they could jazz up their Flash Gordon cover with a totally different comic book character. Or maybe this'll actually inspire a crossover. Who knows?

Top image: X-Men: Apocalypse, 20th Century Fox


    I'm confused.

      1. Turkish company reprinting Flash Gordon.
      2. Decide to redo cover.
      3. For some reason new cover includes modern Apocalypse, who isn't even DC.
      4. ???
      5. Profit? Nah, more like they'll be sued.

        Think you might be mistaking Flash Gordon for The Flash. They are two very different characters, and Flash Gordon isn't a DC character (although they did a mini-series, but so did Marvel).


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