EVE Online Is Moving Towards Its Largest Conflict In History

EVE Online Is Moving Towards Its Largest Conflict in History

After two years of relative peace, various recent events are dragging the players of online space MMO EVE Online towards another massive war. This time it's between the game's biggest coalition, The Imperium, against an alliance of smaller factions. A group of 40,000 players (basically a coalition of gaming guilds), calling themselves The Imperium (also known as CFC, or ClusterFuckCoalition), has been the largest organisation within the game for years now. And, as we know from history, large empires will eventually be brought to their knees. The Imperium made a huge amount of enemies during their expansion (This timeline gives a good summary) and they're now facing an existential crisis. Smaller groups are leaving the coalition, while on the other hand, other groups that had been warring with each other have now joined forces under the Money Badger Coalition's banner, temporarily, to fight The Imperium.

Virtual war sounds complex enough, but this video by YouTuber Talladar summarises everything in a nice way, with some really cool visuals and maps:

The war already had a giant battle (The battle of M-0EE8) involving over 3500 ships, where long time Imperium member Circle of Two had a dramatic defeat. Whether it's an MMO or an animation, massive fleets of spaceships will never get boring:

Here's another cool clip of the lead up and the battle of M-0EE8:

Exciting times for EVE Online, as you can see, and it might be a good opportunity to try the game out. Since this war is still in its early stages, both sides might need rookies.


    It looks really cool but I have no idea what I'm looking at.

    EVE online, to me, is a black box out of which occasionally emerges the most fascinating of stories

    Rookies a.k.a Cannon fodder :p

    Maaan, I have tried to get into EVE 4? times in the last decade and each time I've given up in boredom/frustration within a couple of months.
    But then one of those fascinating tales emerges from it's impenetrable depths and I think, once again: "Well, maybe..."

    But then again, I'm a full time worker in AU timezone on our sub-par internet. And is dedicating all of one's free time to tedious grinding for literally years just so you can be part of one lagged out but newsworthy battle, really worth it?
    Probably not.

    Maybe in a decade or so there will be a game like EVE but with actual enjoyable moment-to-moment gameplay and I can quit full time work and be one of those guys.

    and from this a lone rookie pilot will start his epic journey in which he will decide the fate of millions..... All from the comfort of his lounge chair.

    And there is your novel series and 3 film scifi...

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