Even JB Hi-Fi Found A Way To Mark Kobe Bryant's Retirement

If you weren't a fan of the sport and managed to stay off social media for most of today, you might have missed out on the news that legendary basketballer Kobe Bryant played his last game today. Bryant, who was nicknamed the Black Mamba, played his entire career with the LA Lakers and went out on an absolute blinder: he finished with 60 points in the Lakers' win against the Utah Jazz.

Naturally, people are finding ways to latch onto Kobe's final game even if they have little to do with the NBA. Like JB Hi-Fi.

A staffer popped this sticker up on one of Razer's mice, the Tournament edition of the Razer Mamba. It's a wireless mouse that comes in various forms, but the most important element for today is that it's called the Mamba. And it's black.

The image was posted in the Knox, Victoria store. They even gave Razer a hand by improving the box's marketing credentials.

In case you're wondering how big a game Kobe had: it was his 6th highest scoring effort throughout his entire career. That said, virtually no-one else was bothering to shoot. Kobe fired up 50 of the Lakers' 85 shots and had 21 attempts from deep; the rest of the team had four 3-point attempts combined.

That said, Kobe's effort makes 2K's Legend Edition cover seem even savvier.


    Seems that Knox is the store to watch for funnies, that Sith kid is pretty entertaining

      The staff in that store actually make a point of getting on Kotaku as much as possible. (they're also really cool people).

        Aren't most JB people cool? With a few exceptions (because there are jerks everywhere in life)

          They all seem to have tattoos and/or piercings so I'm going with: yes

          (or cooler than me anyway...)

    why is kotaku constantly coddling JB's balls?

      They're still going through a tough breakup with EB... Let it be.

    60 points on 50 shots. such a kobe way to retire.

    I'm waiting on ESPN's 30 (shots) for 30 (points): The Kobe Bryant story

    Last edited 15/04/16 10:15 am

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