F-Zero GX World Records Will Make Your Brain Bleed

I've watched speed runs and I've marveled at the precision, the speed and the technique required.

But I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

A few weeks back CrazyGameNerd broke a world record on F-Zero GX. Watching him achieve that world record almost game me an aneurysm. I mean seriously — the snaking, the turns, the ungodly, ridiculous speed of it all. It's otherworldly. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing human beings should be capable of doing.

So with my brain pretty much turned to mush, I started watching more of CrazyGameNerd's world record runs.

Like this one...

And this one, which happened just three days ago:

Now the world feels like it's moving in slow motion. Unreal.


    For some reason seeing him blow up at the end always gets a chuckle out of me.

    Being an offline game, I’d never seen someone wiggle from side to side like that to go faster….

    I used to race that track in the first video with mates for hours, just skimming fractions of a second off each others times.

    I’m a bit upset now, that looks a lot less fun than just racing the course and I think that race was a solid 15-20 seconds faster than my best ever time. I wonder if our hand-written leader board is still at my parents house.

    So... anyone thinking F-Zero GX in VR would be a good idea? =P

    This is pretty crazy even for a speedrunner, impressive as always.


      Yes, apparently :P

        Our future selves may regret combining fast racing/roller coasters with VR =P haha

          I've got Radial-G on my must-buy list, so we'll see how that pans out.

    I will never understand how people pour so much time into older games... I get the nostalgia but i guess speedrunning must be addictive when you get into it - must be very competitive people i like to relax when im gaming ;)

      I will never understand how people pour so much time into older games

      Dude... It's literally impossible to pour more time into newer games.

        I dont see what you mean at all.

        If you like racing games there is so much replayability I dont understand why someone would go back to Sega Rally and get fastest lap times on that! Better off playing Project Cars no?!

        I get what you mean with platformers and shit - they dont make a good platformer anymore really but not for this kind of game mentioned in the article

          It's been 13 years and we're still waiting for them to make another game like this.

          No choice but to play the old game, it's still the newest :P

          haha, like I mean, scientifically!

          As in, time goes forward, something that exists in the further past has more time than something that is only recently in the past. As in there's exponentially more time to for any amount of players who have played any older game than there is for any newer game.

          eg. There's been infinitely more hours of time to play Dark Souls 2 than Dark Souls 3 because DS2 came out like 2 years ago and DS3 came out like, a month ago. That's 2 years longer of opportunity to play many hours and beat many records of DS2 than DS3. When DS3 is 2 years old, then DS2 will have had 4 years of opportunity.

          I'm not saying people should go and get the best lap times in Sega Rally over Project Cars, I'm simply saying it's impossible to have played Project Cars more by now than is to have played Sega Rally by now.

          Really I was trying to make a bit of a joke!

          Last edited 07/04/16 4:07 pm

            Lol sorry the notion went over my head obviously lmao
            Rather deep joke though ;)

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