Fallout 4 Gets An Official Survival Mode

For some, walking through the apocalyptic wasteland step by step is the only true way to play Fallout. And as of this morning, Bethesda has finally delivered with the latest update on Steam.

Along with the usual bevy of stability and performance improvements, the latest Fallout 4 patch adds a range of added challenges to make your experience more, shall we say, realistic.

"Survival adds additional challenges including no fast travel, saving only when you sleep, increased lethality, diseases, fatigue, danger and more. See the in-game Help menu for more details," the patch notes read.

The patch is available on Steam, with Bethseda expecting it to go live on consoles sometime next week. It follows the recent open beta of Bethesda's Creation Kit, which is expected to become available in a beta form for Xbox One and PS4 in May and June respectively.


    So anyone keeping on top of the mod scene can provide a summary of what's going on with the Creation Kit?

    I have a rabbit warren of mods with conflicts, dependencies, load orders, etc from the weeks after launch, which I've completely lost track of. Many of these will have been broken by subsequent patches, I have no doubt, and probably also conflict with any serious game-changer mods whose functionality likely grandfathers in a whole bunch of conflicting work-arounds.

    Is the kit such a dramatic improvement in its results that I will be best-served by burning it all to the ground and starting from scratch with whatever the latest top mods on the Nexus are? Is the Steam workshop usable or garbage compared to Nexus+Mod Manager?

    Will I need to enable beta access to get this shit to work, or can I load all the cool new toys over the top of the latest release? How's the lay of the land, savvy people?

    Last edited 29/04/16 1:32 pm

      It's in open beta as of this week. You can expect to see some major changes to the mod scene in the next few weeks.

      mods on pc are a pain in the ass to get running without hiccup only because of the bullshit bethesda.net hijacking of how mods are handled by the game.
      I'm sure crafty modders will sort things out, especially with NMM etc

      Mods on consoles are going to be flakey. Potatos are having a hard enough time running the game at a steady 30fps can you imagine with mods just how hard they're going to have it...

      Last edited 29/04/16 9:54 pm

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