Final Fantasy IX Is Out On PC

Final Fantasy IX Is Out On PC

Following its recent mobile release, the ninth Final Fantasy, originally released on PlayStation nearly sixteen years ago, has finally popped up on Steam.

Per the developers’ announcement, here’s what you get for buying the game on PC:

Relive this classic Final Fantasy adventure with Zidane and his crew with a bunch of new features including:   ・ Steam Achievements   ・ 7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.   ・ Autosaves   ・ High-definition movies and character models.   Whether you want to enjoy FFIX for the classic gameplay or use the in game boosters to experience the heartfelt story again, the choice is yours!

You can grab Final Fantasy IX on Steam here.


  • I’m not sure how they did this. I heard that they wiped all of the source files for FFIX because it was too expensive/not resourceful storing large quantities of data back in the early 00s, and they overwrote it. Guess they didn’t?

  • “7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes”

    No Encounter Mode, yeah lets turn a classic RPG into a walking simulator.
    Game boosting, my arse it is.

    It better have a boss rush mode.

    • Doc much as I agree with you on the “walking simulator” part, I can’t recall PAL players ever having the ability to get the Excalibur 2 legally. Something in the original PAL release timer running faster than the NTSC one made it impossible so I see it as a good thing.

      That said, I probably won’t be using it becuase I want to play it as it was meant to be played.

      • You could do it, but had something like 2 hours less to do it compared to the NTSC version due to the refresh rate difference and a terrible conversion process.

    • You know I wanted to play the FF games again like I did when I was a Teenager … Then I remembered I barely have the time or attention span I did as a Teenager and being able to skip the required grinding and just enjoy the story is so much better for me.

  • hows the music?
    sony seem to be nitorious for re-releasing the FF games with shitty sound files…

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