Finally, A Game About Being A Goddamn Snake

You know, there aren't enough games about being animals.

I'm not talking about Sonic the Hedgehog, or garbage platformers where four-legged animals are made bi-pedal for some reason.

I'm talking about games that attempt to mimic the experience of being that actual animal.

Like this game, Snake Pass. Which allows you to slither like a snake.

I want to play this video game.

Snake Pass started life as a game jam project and has now evolved into an actual thing. The snake physics thing has managed to shoehorn itself into a late-90s stye 3D platformer, which sounds a little bit strange in theory, but in practice it looks quite quaint and fun. I think I like the idea of this innovative game being paired with a more traditional level design. Sorta like if you tried to play drum and bass with a mandolin.

That's a pretty terrible metaphor, but I guess I'm just looking forward to playing something traditional with a unique spin.

Also snakes. Snakes are cool.


    Shout-out for Deadly Creatures! Very under-rated game that.

      Top game. Still waiting on that sequel *glares at THQ's festering corpse*

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