First Look At The Gantz CGI Movie

First Look at the Gantz CGI Movie

Video: As reported last spring, a CG Gantz anime film is coming out this year in Japan. Here's the first, very short teaser trailer. The Gantz manga debuted in the year 2000. It has spawned an anime and two live-action films.

Titled Gantz:O, the movie is based on the Osaka chapters, and it will hit Japanese theatres on October 14. No word yet on an international release.

Whaddaya think?


    Oh yes please. Loved the Anime but damn it was brutal. And even enjoyed the 2 live action films.

    Will there be a crotch licking dog?

    Take my green onions

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    Never really picked up Gantz until after the two movies. Sure it was the wrong way round but man they really did those live action movies well, and now THIS!
    Will it still be those guys from Arashi Team 5 who played in the movies doing the voices?
    Anyway am pretty pumped after that trailer. BRING ME MORE COFFEE!

      Same. I watched the first movie on a plane knowing nothing about it and was blown away. Tried to go back to the anime but it was a little pervy for my liking.

    The Anime was awesome, but it had quite a few episodes filled with 'OMG I DONT THINK I CAN KILL THIS ROBOTIC CHICKEN, EVERYONE CRY' which dragged it longer than it could have gone. Spring Onion man is all time.

    I assume that this is the long-awaited sequel to Antz? Will Woody Allen be returning?

    Interesting. I'm reading the Manga atm and up to the Osaka part. Perfect timing for me.

    Live action = bad?

      nope. first film follows the anime up to the Buddha alien, the 2nd film follows on from this but goes in a very different direction to the anime.
      both are pretty decent & worth checking out if you like the franchise.

        After the Buddha alien, the anime was all made up and didn't follow the manga at all. Basically it just wrapped up the series because they had to end it after 26 eps.

          havent read the manga, so i cant comment on the differences.
          but to be honest, i rather liked the way the anime ended.

    The Anime was to Sexual Predator like for my taste but the Live action Movies were fantastic. looking forward to this.

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