Forums Abuzz About Possible Leaked Mass Effect Andromeda Footage

Forums Abuzz About Possible Leaked Mass Effect Andromeda Footage

A video identified by NeoGAF user Taker34 as a demo reel from the website of a developer working on the next instalment of BioWare’s space opera shows off special effects and new movement abilities that may or may not show up in next year’s Mass Effect Andromeda.

The 50 second video is a series of labelled clips demonstrating various aspects of what looks like a (hopefully) primitive build of a Mass Effect game.

One segment shows what looks like the player character travelling via jetpack.

Another clip shows the player holding a Krogan at gunpoint incapacitated by some sort of gas spore.

The original video uploaded by Taker34 was taken down from YouTube due to a copyright claim by EA. Here’s a mirrored version, which may or may not last long enough for anyone to see it.

Is this the real thing, or an elaborate April Fool’s joke? The posting date certainly raises doubt. It could be mods. Hell, it could be someone skilled screwing around in a game engine at this point. Fakers are gonna fake, and as we’ve recently seen they’re getting really good at it. EA filed a copyright claim against the original video, yes, but that’s not a flashing “CONFIRMED” sign either.

If it is real, it’s likely not indicative of how the game currently looks or will look upon release next year. One NeoGAF member said, “This is around a late 2014 build. It doesn’t look like this now.” Remember what early screens of Assassin’s Creed Unity looked like? There wasn’t an imploded face to be found.

So either it’s fake or it’s old. The reaction to this muddy mess is what’s really important, proving that we’re so hungry for more Mass Effect that we’re getting excited over whatever this is.

Mass Effect Andromeda is slated for an early 2017 release.


  • I’m still so burned by the last Mass Effect that I haven’t bought another EA game since.

    And yes, I’m so burned by that game that I’m still posting about it. Deal with it.

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