Get Rocket League On PC For $13

Take it from us: Rocket League is a bit of alright. The PC and PS4 soccer-car title is about as addictive as multiplayer games get and if you've been waiting to give it a go, now's your chance.

On Steam, the game is currently retailing at full price for $US19.99. That's not so great. Over on Green Man Gaming, it's a fair bit cheaper at $US11.99. However, you can score an even better deal at GMG with the following coupon code:


That will knock 20 per cent off the price, bringing it down to a reasonable $US9.59, or about $13 Australian.

All in all, that's over 50 per cent off the Steam price and the cheapest the game has ever been. I suppose you could wait for it to go on a steeper discount, but those giant balls won't ram themselves.

Rocket League [Green Man Gaming, via OzBargain]

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    "The PC and PS4 soccer-car title "

    It's also available on Xbox One.

    "those giant balls won’t ram themselves."

    An approach that works promoting video games - but with my wife, not so much..

    Bit the bullet. Already have on PS4 and Xbox, but I'm terrible with my money and felt like there was a big, supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered hole in my library.

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