Good Afternoon, Here’s A Cracking Humble Bundle

I’m going to take a small wager and bet that there’s at least one or two games in this bundle that are worth your time — possibly even games that you might not have picked up yet.

We all know the drill by now: there’s multiple tiers of games and each has a certain price of entry, although more expensive tiers still come with all the goodies in the tiers below.

But why should you care, you might ask? Because there’s a bunch of really good Telltale games going for bugger all. Let’s begin.

Tier 1: Pay US$1 or more to unlock

Quality from Telltale’s early years.

  • Back to the Future: The Game
  • Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse
  • Poker Night at the Inventory
  • Puzzle Agent 1 & 2
  • The Walking Dead – Season 1

Most people will probably own or have played the first season of The Walking Dead. It was free on PS+ for PS3 users a while ago, and the second season went up on PS+ for PS4 users a few months ago.

Poker Night is good for an hour or two, but it doesn’t hold much replay value beyond that. I’m really intrigued to play Telltale’s Sam & Max though: I played the original LucasArts adventure, but not Telltale’s version. Now’s a good time though, given the asking price is US$1 for five episodes.

Tier 2: Pay more than the average (US$7.81) to unlock

It’s good to see you again, Wolf.

  • The Walking Dead: 400 Days
  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Poker Night 2
  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • More games to be announced

If you’re not aware, 400 Days is DLC for the first season of The Walking Dead that fills in the gap between the two seasons. Choices you make in Season 1 carry over to 400 Days, and the choices from the DLC feed into the second season as well.

Other than that, Tales from the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us are the drawcards here. I still haven’t forgotten how annoyed I was at the final episode of Wolfie (my term for it), but the entire series is absolutely worth a playthrough regardless. Just note that some of the episodes are quite short — I remember the fourth clocking in at just under 50 minutes.

Tales from the Borderlands has been received excellently as well, and it’s still full price on Steam (although the full season was available for US$7.50 over Christmas). It’s got some killer music and Kirk unexpectedly fell in love with the series, much like most of my friends who ended up playing it.

Poker Night 2 is much the same as the original — there’s some fun quips, and Claptrap even manages to fit in. But like most games of poker against the AI the fun wears off pretty quickly, although you’ll still get at least a good hour out of it.

Tier 3: Pay US$12 or more to unlock

Ramsay Bolton looks even more like a weasel in-game than he does in the show.

  • Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series
  • The Walking Dead – Season 2

This one’s a harder sell to gamers who play on multiple platforms. Chances are you’ll have already picked up season 2 of The Walking Dead on PS4 for free, and so the US$12 is really whether you want the Game of Thrones series or not.

There’s also the Telltale factor. People hate getting to the end of four or five episodes only to discover how many of their choices didn’t matter in the end, and that affects the Game of Thrones games more than most. I won’t go into it much further other than to say the series lives up to its reputation. That’s all.

So that’s Telltale’s Humble Bundle. The second tier is a pretty enticing package, and should only get better after the extra games are added. I’m guessing we’ll probably see something like the Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack (which Telltale published) or the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, which is suprisingly solid.

There’s also a Jurassic Park adventure that Telltale published five years ago with terrible reviews — that might be nice to add into the mix as well. Either way, what’s on offer here is solid. And if you buy now, you’ll get the extra games when they’re announced (late next week, typically).

What are your favourite Telltale games so far — and what’s the most value you’ve ever gotten out of a Humble Bundle?

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