Guile Packs One Hell Of A Punch

Guile wasn't part of Street Fighter V from the start. Apparently he's making up for that by dealing one hell a punch.

One of the new combos floating around comes from former Street Fighter champion Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo, showing just how ridiculously powerful Guile can be once everything is chained together.

But the best part: it's not even the strongest combo Guile can unleash. That glory goes to this 35-hit long monster, which wipes out nearly half the life bar of one of the game's most durable characters.

Talk about a bloody big Sonic Boom.


    Infiltration is still a Street Fighter champion, probably has the most wins out of recent major tournaments. Should also note that the bottom video was done by Desk, well known as a fighting game "technician", with incredible videos such as this:

    I don't know, a lot of characters can do that kind of damage if they have full meter, full V-trigger, opponent cornered AND start with a jump-in.

      They can also do it in much less hits...

      It's a nice looking combo, but hardly practical.

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