Halo 5: Guardians Just Keeps On Getting New Free Stuff

When I think about just how broad Halo 5: Guardians is as a service, and how generous 343 Industries is with it downloadable content, I almost feel a little sad that Halo 5 hasn't quite broken through in the way it probably deserved to.

Today the team has released Ghosts of Meridian, a new content pack which features a bunch of stuff including weapons, skins, new vehicles and new maps.

It's almost... weird. We're not used to getting this stuff for free.

343 Industries really has been doing a stellar job of supporting Halo 5. A lot of that content is stuff that you might expect to see in a Halo game at launch (like Forge mode for example) but when you consider just how extensive the Halo offering has become, it's completely understandable.

There's the single player campaign, there's the arena mode, there's the new Warzone stuff, there's Forge, there's Firefright.

It's all pretty crazy.

But despite the fact that Halo 5: Guardians — according to Microsoft — had the biggest launch of any Halo game ever, it's pretty clear that the Halo brand has lost a lot of cultural capital. As a fan of the series, and a fan of what 343 has done with Halo 5, that's a bit of a shame.

Still, it's cool to see that the game is still being supported in this way.

Oh and by the way — Infection is coming back to Halo.

Pretty cool.


    When did the free content start for guardians, and how regular has it been?

    It feels like it slipped out of mind before this all started, which could explain the difference in success between this and splatoon, which took a similar approach to retaining the playerbase.

    I own guardians, but haven't booted it up as I'm still trying to finish 4's campaign. It's pretty tough going though, and not in a challenging gameplay kind of way...

      Usually once a month (this latest one pushed from late March into Early April) there's usually at least a couple of maps and REQ unlocks added to the pool. Every two or three months they add in/back (depending on how you look at it) game modes for multiplayer. Firefight will be the first multiplayer mode that wasn't just expected to be there at launch (like Assault, Oddball, Griffball that was added back last month). So far it's been the Halo that's kept me coming back the most thats for sure!

    I think the Halo franchise is somewhat a victim of the overcrowding of the competitive multiplayer FPS market in general.

    Where once Halo 2 was the absolute benchmark for console multiplayer shooters you’ve now got that market spread across annual CoD, Battlefield (including spinnoffs and Starwars games), Titanfall ect…. And while some of them have loyal markets, it seems like enthusiasm for all of them is waning. Meanwhile more and more people are playing RPG-lite ‘collet-em-ups’ like Destiny and the Division.

    It also shows the value of releasing a product into a niche market against a flooded one full of quality, particularly when it comes to game reviews.

    MS releases Halo with solid shooter mechanics, a hearty single player, multi-mode multiplayer, heaps of customisation, forge mode, solid online performance, best-in-class stat tracking, video recording features and free DLC into a crowded market at full retail and people are slightly disappointed .

    Nintendo release a 2D level maker using old assets and poorly managed servers at the same price (higher now) and the game gets the same reviews.

    Halo 5 was a day 1 purchase for me which I regretted immediately after finding out about the lack of split screen. I finished the campaign over a month or two and have only played two games online. The nostalgia of playing 4-8 player rumble pit on two tvs has turned me off of a game that is going backwards in terms of features that I care about.

    I kind of wish there were purely cosmetic req packs. I don't give a damn about weapons for warzone... but animations, costumes, stances.... I could do with more of that.

      I'm in the same boat. You can go through your collection and simply sell all the cards for more req points to buy more packs.

    *Halo 5 gets content months after release that Bungie Halo games had on release*

    "Holy shit this is amazing!"

      I know you're determined to find fault with Halo and you're deliberately missing the point, so I feel a little silly for biting... but yes, it is amazing that a AAA franchise (especially a cash cow like Halo) is getting regular DLC for free. It's not as though the DLC only consists of old gametypes.

        Free DLC is cool, although they are making up for it with their microtransactions.

        But to be honest, when Forge was first invented I thought the idea of new map DLC for Halo would be mostly pointless. Wouldn't even need a Forge map, you can alter and change existing maps for years before the whole map would become stale. If I was in control I would be making a new map alteration every week. Would be doing it for a year on all maps before I would consider making a new map for DLC. Of course, that's before the open range Forge maps that were a lot more open.

    343's continuous support makes me want to jump back on and see what I've been missing out on. I feel like I let Guardians slip away amongst all of last year's Q4 releases.

    Props to them for giving content away for free. The "have our content for free but you can buy currency if you want to save time" model used by 343 and Rockstar works so well, in my opinion.

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