Here, Have 15 Minutes Of New No Man's Sky Gameplay

No Man's Sky is such an anomaly. It doesn't matter how much gameplay footage we watch, how many times the developers explain, there's still some guy raising his hand going, "yeah... but what do you do in this game?"

Weirdly, the less I know about 'what you do' the more excited I am about this game.

This video was produced by Sony, that's worth mentioning, but it's still interesting just as an insight into how this game will play in the wild. I feel like we have a feel for that now, but it's still cool to see more of it.


    Really excited for this game. The whole exploration, do what you want style gameplay is just so appealing to me! I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea though....

    I don't understand why people are so confounded by what this game is. Seems like a popular website mentioned feeling that way and everyone adopted their confusion.

    While there was a lengthy period of little knowledge on the game, it's been pretty clear for monthssssssss what this game is and what you will be doing.

      Yeah there was a 30 minute play through last week as well - I'm getting the feeling that by the time this comes out, there will be no new game mystery to it... As in - when you pick up a new title its nice to go "oh wow - didnt expect that" or "what?! i can do that too?!"

      I feel like there's a potential for anti climactic responses from the gaming world once it is released as we have just been fatigued by all this hype!!!

        Agreed. Can definitely see the hype train derailing at release on this one. I'm getting the impression that it may not be "deep" enough, given the amount of time gamers have had to speculate and dream up their wildest ideas. They say "Yeah but what IS it?!" after a 30 minute Let's Play, not realising they just saw it. Room for disappoint there...

        I see it being something like Minecraft though. Not in regards to creativity, impact or sales, but in a sense of how it can be difficult to explain exactly what it is. Both games are sandboxes with vague stories, one with ample room for creativity while the other has seemingly infinite variety. Could be a real winner.

      They marketed the game poorly when they first started showing gameplay. All they did was land on a planet, walk around, scan, shoot, leave planet. They did that for every video and now everyone thinks the game has no depth.

      But they have a better understanding of what Minecraft is.

    The more I see of this 'game' the more I think it's just a fancy tech demo.

      The more I see, the more I think its a single player game masquerading as an online game. If its as big as they say it is, then being online is pretty irrelevant, and creates issues for those that play at different speeds. Issues you may not see for years, after people start getting into the centre of the galaxy and bumping into each other more regularly.

        I've given up on thinking of it as an online game

          I havent quite given up.

          I hope that they deliver some way to be able to get around quickly, if for no other reason than to play with friends.

          To blatantly borrow an old idea, something like the Stargate system would work for this, just make it hard to figure the addresses. Hide the clues in planets around them so theres some digging to do before you can use it.

          You figure the address, mates figure theres, swap addresses to be able to get to each other. Or cloning to give you X amount of time where they are, or something like that. Just some way to interact. Otherwise, the online aspect means nothing.

          Instead, the perception I get is that its not expected that you run into anyone, at least not until the real late endgame at the centre of the universe/galaxy.

            they said early on that it'll be hard/impossible to play with your friends and that you won't realise you've come across a player.

              I know. I just want it otherwise, and hold out on the hope they change their mind.

              Theres no reason not to, and theres no reason they couldnt do it later on. The game is that big that it wouldnt be hard to figure where people havent been (simply with the discoveries database), and quietly slot the content in there in a patch down the way.

              I think its size will become a negative sooner rather than later is all, and something they need to address. Dont make it easy, but find a way. Or it could quickly become an issue with the playerbase. Its a risk they dont need to take.

        You cannot bump into "lots" of players concurrently. That's one of the big misconceptions of the game (which the Devs haven't really done a very good job of communicating.

    Is this just repackaged footage from this one:

    Maybe not but he is using this as his demo world now by the looks of things.

    Here, have 7 minutes of new No Man's Sky gameplay, and eight minutes of staring at Fake J.J. Abrams and that other one's hideous beard.

    I like this game and some good ideas in it . Its just that there's no co-op or online component to it. It would be so much fun to explore different planets with people.

      Have you been following the game? It's been marketed as Online since day 1 if I recall correctly.

        Really? I thought its only single player as the developer team is too small to bring the online co op component.

    I've seen enough of the game to not need to see more and just play the game.

    I wonder what exclusive features the PS4.5 or NEO version will have?
    VR Support?
    Higher Draw Distance ?
    Horse Armor?
    Also I really hope they put a Clock in the NEO, thats probably the best thing they could do.

    Can I get gameplay without having to watch these two useless dickheads?

    when i saw that I could leave a planet by just getting in my ship and flying away, I was sold. Everything outside of that is a bonus to me. CAN'T WAIT!!!

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