Here's The Ghostbusters Game Based On The New Ghostbusters Movie

And I can't say I'm too optimistic about this one.

It looks like an old-fashioned movie tie-in, in that its release is timed with the movie (July 12, three days ahead of the movie on July 15). It's a four-player co-op effort, which might be fun, but it all seems a little low budget.

But that might be a good thing. I'm speculating here, but movie tie-ins like this are traditionally made on a tight schedule. Maybe a game like this — more contained, simpler, narrow in scope — might result in something cool, as opposed to something bloated and buggy.

That's the dream I guess.

Ghostbusters is coming out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


    Oh come on. Clearly you aren't excited because you're sexist and hate all women.

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    For a film that was the 80s equivalent of Adam Sandler doing a sci-fi effects-laden 'get all my mates involved' comedy (which he just did, it was called PIXELS), there sure is a lot of people who seem to be protective of it. I don't believe them for a second of course.

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      Yep i think it will be as successful as PIXELS, and as funny

        The problem with Pixels (I got paid to see it, I didn't have a choice) was that it very easily could have been the next Ghostbusters. The premise was fun, the effects were good and the action sequences were pretty well designed. Unfortunately the "comedy" was some of the most dire uninspired garbage ever put on film. Sandler is better than that (Wedding Singer is great) but he and the reat of the cast were not good in that movie.

        And that is what sets it apart from Ghostbusters.

    It's hard to get a clear idea of whether it'll be good or not considering how little gameplay they showed.

    Mind you the Huntsman prequel tie in game seems to look good

    The devs were probably all women so I hate it already.

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