Here's The Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

Star Wars: Rogue One: The First Trailer

You already know there's another Star Wars movie spin-off coming out this year. It's called Star Wars: Rogue One — and the trailer's finally out.

The setup looks pretty cool, and I'm liking that they're rolling with another female lead for the Star Wars universe.

Could have done without the dying Wampa, though.


    *The first Star Wars spinoff movie. (Ewok movies were tv movies :P)

    Otherwise it's looking goddamn incredible! Wow :O

    That music in the credits at the end, shivers down the spine man, seriously.

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      Actually, Caravan of Courage had a theatrical release in Europe and Australia at least. I remember my nan taking my sister and me to see it at Hoyts...

        Yep, but it was originally made as a tv movie in the states. It was a strange, strange release pattern they had for that movie. I actually watched it recently with my kid, it *has not* aged well lol.

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          Since episode 7 my kids have been on the SW hype train so I was going to show them Caravan. I don't think they have my crippling arachaphobia yet so they're primed.

        They should do a spinoff starring Jar Jar Binks and call it 'Caravan of Carnage' I'd watch that.

      Yes, they were TV movies.

      However even though it was animated and basically a TV series pilot, The Clone Wars was the first theatrical Star Wars spinoff movie. Rogue One is going to be the first live-action one. Also probably miles better than The Clone Wars was. The TV series turned out great but that initial film was pretty awful.

      A tv movie is still a movie so Caravan of Courage WAS the first Star Wars spinoff movie.

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        Well then technically the much maligned Xmas special was ;) lol

      yeah, i had goosebumps once the siren started. that was fucking awesome.

    I am so 100% here for this movie. If we get a Star Wars movie as good as this looks every year they can make 'em til I die.

    I'm loving the look of it. Set design and costume design is amazing and keeping with when the story is set, which is awesome. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Looks good, but im sad now, as the story seems to be the original Dark Forces Storyline about getting the Death Star plans which was the job of Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors. Still loving the AT-ATs look the same as they did in Empire which is great, i just hope any jedi style combat is limited to same style as TFA and Originals and not the the complete bullshit that was in the Prequels

      Apparently there's no Jedi in this movie, which was a stipulation Gareth Edwards had for directing it (except Vader does show up, but allegedly doesn't use his saber), he said he wanted it to be a 'grounded movie', about the men and women human and aliens who died getting the plans, he said he didn't want it to be about the 'superheroes' of the Star Wars universe, but the down to earth people. That's also possibly why it looks so awesome, because you're alongside real people, rather than the superheroes (which is, after all, *exactly* what Jedi are).

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      Unless I misheard, the female lead says her name is Jan Ors

        I think they've altered it slightly to avoid IP issues. But that other goateed guy sure looks like Kyle Katarn to me.....

          What IP issues could there be? Dark Forces was made by LucasArts, which was sold to Disney along with the rest of Lucasfilm.

        according to the imdb page her name "Jyn Erso"

      They may surprise us with a cameo from Kyle himself...well, it would be awesome anyway. Either way, this looks pretty ace, I'll be sure to check it out.

      I will miss Kyle the most.

      I don't mind the powers myself, all the extended universe games for example. Plus it shows how much has been lost.

    This! THIS! Is the star wars i have been waiting for!

    No J.J. Abrams? Maybe that means it will be a good movie!

    Although I'm still annoyed that the plot is, once again, centered around the original trilogy.

      It's only the first (ever) spin-off film, give it time. Still hoping we'll get an Old Republic based film at some point but will be happy to sit through the obligitory early Rebel Alliance/Han Solo & Chewie spin-offs for now.

        I was already against the idea of the new trilogy being centered around the original, but I was at least going to let it slide if the spin off movies were their own thing.

        i cant comment on The Old Republic, but give me a Knights of the Old Republic film/ or tv show for that fact. that would be the BALLS!

          I really just meant a KotOR/tOR era film. The Old Republic mmo has way too many stories for a single film (some great, some average), not as good as Knights though. Any film based around then would be something really cool and different though.

    Yep. All in.

    That alarm that sounded along with the music? Amazing.

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    Looks great, cant wait for it, I hope they keep rolling out a new star wars movie each year if they can maintain quality, there can make so many amazing stories in the universe.

    Hot damn! A trailer hasn't got me excited like this about a movie i wasn't interested in ever i think.

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    So I guess we know that she's gonna die and they're gonna name a certain XWing Squadron after her.

    Why does every Star Wars story have to revolve around an original Star Wars story?
    I want to see something new. Something with Gungans

      Ohh, maxi big da Gungans. Well dat smells stinkowiff.

    I'm interested to see how much of the original plan stealing story from Dark Forces they try to salvage after flushing away all the Lucasarts stuff, will Kyle be on the team and be the last one who has the plans handed off to him to get them to the Alliance once Jyn Erso get's a hold of them on the inside?

      I think if they salvage any it would be the opposite, where they get the plans from whoever is inside the research facility and the guys in the trailer frantically try to get it to the Rebellion.

    Whatever happened to that live action Star Wars TV show? It was on the cards years ago when the Clone Wars was big.

      Lucas couldn't even settle on what it was exactly going to be. They flipflopped over half a dozen ideas. Then Disney bought the property and put the idea on hold. It'll still happen one day, just not right now.

    Donnie Yen doing sweet martial art moves in a Star Wars film? Excellent. Just watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, so this is mmmmmmm

      Check out the Ip Man series if you haven't already. The first 2 are on Netflix.

        dont forget Iron Monkey and especially Once Upon a Time in China 2 because you get to see Donnie Yen Vs Jet Li

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          My favourite Donnie Yen v Jet Li is the scene from Hero

        Google Donnie Yen Filmography on IMDB or Wiki, create checklist, watch movies.

          donnie yen is awesome. hope he gets some sweet ass action scenes.

    It took me a bit to realise by "dying Wampa" you meant the siren.

    I approve of this analogy.

    OMG! There's a deadly space station there but it's like as big as a moon! A Death Moon!!!

    I did enjoy the acoustic-ish theme music at the start but yeah the siren kind of ruined it.

    And apparently the Internet Boy Taliban are already getting the shits on because it revolves around a female lead. Let it go and have a poo, IBT.

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