High-Powered Cast Of FFXV Movie Won't Be In FFXV Game

High-Powered Cast of FFXV Movie Won't Be In FFXV Game

Yesterday, Square Enix announced Kingsglaive, a splashy CGI movie connected to Final Fantasy XV which will feature big-deal Hollywood actors in major roles. But the talent best known for playing characters in Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad won't be playing those parts in the actual game. In a tweet from earlier today, Square Enix dashed hopes that Game of Thrones' Sean Bean and Lena Headey and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad would also be voicing King Regis, Luna and Nyx in Final Fantasy XV.

The movie is set during the road trip that the game's main character Noctis takes and will show what's happening back in the kingdom of Lucis.

In an age where Hollywood actors regularly portray characters in video games, it's weirder for them not to be in this one when they will be in a movie tied to it. Here's hoping it's not going to be too jarring to have two renditions of the same characters in Kingsglaive and FFXV.


    What the heck is the point of casting them for some shitty spinoff film if they're going to sound utterly different in the game?

      Hoping for JP audio so this will be all moot anyway ;)

        Yes there will be Japanese audio!

        Many of the characters from the movie will likely only have fairly minor screen time in the game. So it's not too bad still.

      Star power to bring in non gamers I'd guess. especially casting from two of the biggest shows ever...

      They did pretty will with Agent/Spartan Locke in Halo nightfall and 5. I didn't realise it was different actors until after I had played the game, didn't standout at all

    They have Audis in Final Fantasy now....?

      They have Final Fantasy car in real life!


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