Incredibly Small Doughnuts Made Before Your Very Eyes

Insanely Small Doughnuts Made Before Your Very Eyes

Video: It's time for more miniature cooking. This time, doughnuts! Because everyone loves doughnuts, even if they're teeny tiny. You might be familiar with Japanese YouTube channel Miniature Channel, which is devoted to micro-sized meal making. Today, via IT Media, let's take a look at YouTuber Mimine from South Korea.

If you are wondering what's up with the miniature eggs, here's a clip explaining those.


    Holy shit, what a waste of time and energy.

      Truly, but it does give me the confidence to deep fry donuts if I were ever shot by a shrink-ray

        I admire your positivity. This world, it seems, is lacking it. Kudos.

      Yeah i wanted to say that but because i fear everyone will hate me for anything i say (like reddit) i didnt.
      like what do you achieve with doing it? you get to eat basically, one fruitloop; thats it...

        Sometimes you have to be the villain of someone else's story...

        Doesn't that depend on what you define as its purpose?

        Somehow I don't think the goal here is to eat or gain nourishment from it.

        Last edited 10/04/16 11:32 pm

          Its labeled miniature cooking so eating muuuust be the reason. or thats false advertising :(
          im calling a current affair

            Sounds more like cooking might be the purpose. It's not labeled miniature eating :P

      Welcome to art? :P

        Reminds me of a story I heard of a art gallery a friend went to. There was a grand piano hanging on the ceiling upside down and he thought it was hilarious. He was watching peoples reactions to seeing the piano which ranged from anger to confusion. Art doesn't need to make sense and that is part of the beauty of it.

          My question to that would be "so where is the upside-down pianist?"

    The "waste of time" argument can be applied to virtually anything depending on your perspective.

    Video games are a waste of time.

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