It’s 2016 And Japanese People Are Lining Up For An Arcade Game

It’s 2016 And Japanese People Are Lining Up For An Arcade Game

Not just any game at that, but the Kantai Collection arcade game. Awesome! Kantai Collection, or KanColle, features anime girls that represent warships. It started out as a free to play game and turned into a phenomena, spawning manga, an anime series, a PS Vita game and an upcoming animated movie.

As Kotaku previously reported (here and here), the game is immensely popular in Japan. Today the arcade version hit Japanese game centres, and drew lines of fans, with some waiting up to several hours to play.

People wanted to check out the arcade version, which spits out cards for players to use.

Expect people to spend lots of time and money to collect the most desirable and rare cards. Earlier this year, one rare card, snagged during a location test, went for 84,000 yen ($973) in an online auction in Japan.

Keep in mind, this is a weekday! That’s incredible. It’s great to see an arcade game going strong.

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    • Same here, even the ones that are still lingering about are damaged. Times have changed.

  • So they have people lining up to get in, while here in OZ the few that remain open have damaged games.
    (For some reason the calibration on all Point Blank machines are off and the blue gun is always broken)

    Remember lock-ins? Man, those were the days.

    • I used to work in an arcade, and there was a really horrible subculture of people to attended our store (they weren’t customers, they loitered) who thought the place was “public property” and they could do whatever they want. The damage and vandalism we had to deal with on a weekly basis was mindblowing – from simple things like stealing the basketballs to the utter insane like punching in the huge 50″ rear projection diffuser screens. Then there was the graffiti, the unpeeling of the stickers and decals, “joystick abuse”, the idiots who hold the kick-back on the Namco light gun games because they thought it allowed them to shoot quicker (yes geniuses, that DAMAGES the guns) – the list goes on and on… Arcade maintenance was incredible – and is the big reason Australian arcades didn’t get lots of new product, we were spending our profits fixing the stuff people would damage. That issue doesn’t happen in Japan.

      TL;DR – if you don’t want damaged games, report the idiots who damage them

  • I just came back from Tokyo, the trip was my second to the city. All the major arcades I went to had PRETTY MUCH the same game lineup as the time I went 2 years ago. The only ones I noticed that were new were Pokken Tournament and Tekken 7, instead of Tag Tournament.

    I played a lot of Tekken. It was rad.

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